Gordy Toy Magnets

These magnets by Gordy Toy are basic, and mostly only good for display. I own them out of package as well and they’re very weak and don’t really hold any papers up well without help from other magnets. They’re fun to own for nostalgia value, and the packaging even has the phone number for signing up to the fan club!

It is very odd that Sailor Mars has the wrong colour skirt, and shoes when these are licensed magnets, but the actual product matches Sailor Jupiter’s skirt exactly. They also chose to eliminate the yellow of Sailor Moon’s hair instead of cutting it off, but left a triangle of yellow between her hair and ear. It’s safe to say these were made quickly and without much quality control just to get product out into the market.

These aren’t a must own product, but if you collect 90’s North American merch they’re fun. It’s not often I see them in package anymore.