Tamashii Buddies Sailor Moon Figures – Inner Senshi


Japanese release date: April 2015
International release date: May 2015

Website: http://sailormoon.tamashii.jp/

“Tamashii Buddies” is a new line of figures from Bandai that are meant to be affordable. Consider them a “Pop” figure from Japan. They’ll range around $10-$15, come in generic packaging, come in a generic pose that matches the rest of the character line, and come with a character/series appropriate background.

The cool part about this figure line is that they’re the first line (that I know of) that come with a stacking feature (photos below). This makes them unique, and a great option for the collector without a lot of space.

Due to the generic nature of this line I’ll be featuring these figures in 2 posts. The first (this one) will feature the Inner Senshi and be updated as they release. The second will feature the Outer Senshi as they are released (as of April 2015 they have not even been announced). Subscribe to my blog to receive a notification when that happens!



The packaging for this line is extremely generic. In fact, the other series featured in this line, Dragonball Z, has essentially the exact same packaging in a different colour. Anything to keep costs down! This is reminisent of the Funko Pop! figure line in North America.

The left features the name of the character and series, the top right features the figure number in the line (Venus 006, Moon 005), the bottom features the figure line logo, series logo, and license holders logo’s, including the TOEI sticker seen on almost every piece of Sailor Moon merchandise out there.

Here’s a closer look at that information:


IMG_4006 IMG_4007 IMG_4008 IMG_4009

Parts, Assembly, and Fit

Each figure comes with a background, 4 posts, and a “top”. The characters are firmly attached to the base in such a way that I didn’t want to try too hard to remove one of them, as I felt like it might not go back on without glue.

IMG_4017 IMG_4025

Pay attention to which way you insert your posts to build your frame as there IS a top and a bottom. The top has the peg on the inside of the post, the bottom has the peg on the outside of the post (inside being where the background is held.

IMG_4018 IMG_4020

Build your frame, and THEN slide the background card into it from the bottom.


Insert the bottom pegs into the back of the base.


To make them stackable insert the extra posts on the front of the base of the figure you wish to be on the bottom of your display, and remove the top piece on the back of the display. Place the top figure on the posts, and insert the pegs into the holes on the bottom of the top figures base.

You may also add left over posts (and the now extra top) to the top figure for a frame effect similar to the bottom figure, but it isn’t required.


Sculpting and Posing

As this line is meant to be relatively well priced for the casual collector don’t expect a lot of greatness and variety out of this line, and especially not this series. As this is only number 5 and 6 out of a brand new line by an experienced company the sculpting is not bad, but it’s definitely not up there with their more expensive figures, reasonably so.

The pose is still an appropriate one for the series, the faces are cute, and actually… the hair and bows are REALLY cute. Sailor Moon’s twin tails are probably one of my favourite versions of them out of what we’ve seen in the 20th Anniversary figures in general. They’re what I’d expect to see on her chibi-fied figure.

My only issue with these is that their proportions are a little wonky. They’re JUST in that grey area of “Well, are they chibi? Or are they poorly sculpted non-scales?” Technically I think the Tamashii Buddies line was shooting for “Super Deformed” (which is an actual term in regards to the proportions used), but I’ve always felt awkwardly about that style. It never quite has the right level of “deformed” to reach the level of cute I feel they’re striving for

IMG_4027 IMG_4028 IMG_4029 IMG_4030

I love the details put into their backs despite most display set-ups probably never allowing you to properly see them.

IMG_4037 IMG_4038


As with most “affordable” figures the painting DOES come with a few defects, though definitely not the way most do. I’m actually quite impressed with the paint job done on these figures, though the eyes, and Sailor Moons brooch are decals… that’s not a draw back at all for me as they look great.


I was rather sad to discover a paint chip on the boot of Sailor Moon. It’s REALLY noticeable.

IMG_4034 IMG_4035 IMG_4036


The base itself is rather basic in pattern, with just a brick/tile pattern, but the base as a functioning part of the figure is WONDERFUL!


Not only does it display a wonderful background


But it helps collectors with limited space CREATE space.

IMG_4032So while it’s incredibly basic, it’s also incredibly useful, and if I scored things in my reviews I’d give it a 15/10, because basically all Sailor Moon collectors are crying over space issues right now. This isn’t limited to the Sailor Moon series either! This is a feature of the ENTIRE Tamashii Buddies line that’s compatible all the way through. So you can also stack these with the Dragonball Z figures.

Identify Bootlegs

As of April 2015 there are no bootlegs of this series. Please comment if you think you’ve found some!


I think the only thing I’m disappointed in is that I’m NOT disappointed. I was really hoping I wouldn’t want to collect these just so I could keep SOMETHING off of my wishlist! XD. These are ADORABLE and super well done for a $15 value, AND if you’re creative it’s SUPER easy to make custom backgrounds by printing out backgrounds on some cardstock. The backgrounds measure 5 1/8″ tall x 2 5/8″ wide btw 😉

Basically if you’re broke and want some Sailor Moon figures but can’t afford the $80+ FiguartsZERO line I HIGHLY recommend these figures for your collection.

Where To Buy

Sailor Moon 005
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Venus 006
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Mars 00#
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Mercury
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Jupiter
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi