February 2014 Loot


Oh boy. It’s that time again! Guess that means I slacked off in February ( I only posted 1 review!!). I spent the first half of February busy, and the second half sick. Here’s hoping March isn’t that way. I’m outta vacation time =(.

February, collection wise, was not the busiest, but it wasn’t particularly slow either. I received my rather large January order from Amiami after doing battle with Paypal and their refusal to let me pay from my bank account anymore. Seriously. If it’s over $60 CAD I have to go to credit card >=( Very inconvenient for me right now.

ANYWAY! On to the Haul!

The two shirts in the photo above are not covered in this post. They are shirts I got from 24 hour sites, and I am working on a way to display them, photograph them, and make a page specifically for the shirts I own.


I picked up the Sailor Moon Tribute CD, and I have to be honest with you… I bought it for the artwork XD. I love music, but I don’t particularly listen to it often, or buy it often. I DID put it on my iTunes though, and gave it a listen earlier this week. I quite like it, and I think it’s one of the few Japanese albums I have on my iTunes that I’ll have no problem listening through when I’m driving.

Purchase the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album

IMG_2096 IMG_2308I ordered 3 boxes of these suckers and got 3 boxes exactly the same!  Luckily I spotted a comment on MFC about someone who had had the same misfortune, but with the opposite box of what I had, and we traded. This is the first set of the Sailor Moon Megahouse Petit Charaland figures. Set 2, with the Outer Senshi, are to be released this summer.

Thankfully I had none of the issues other collectors had. None of the stands on my bases broke during assembly, and most of my paint is fine. Unfortunately one of the tops of the bases for my Sailor Moon let go… but it appears there wasn’t enough glue. THAT I can fix!

Pre-order the June re-release of Set 1
Pre-order the June release of Set 2


This is a battery operated media charger, that’s specifically meant for phones. The USB plug is a micro USB, but that doesn’t limit the chargers compatibility. If you have a phone that the plug doesn’t fit simply plug the USB cord that came with your phone into the charger instead.

I own an iPhone 5C and it worked swell with my phone. GREAT idea for conventions and long trips. Since it runs on 4 AA batteries all you need to do is buy extra batteries to continue charging.


I mainly bought these to review and own as I can’t wear ear buds… and who could turn down that ADORABLE Luna on the wires?


The charm set! I LOVE these! The only downfall is that my symbol bag charm comes with 2 Mercury charms and no Mars charm. =( Thankfully none of my boxes or charms were damaged as a lot of people were reporting. They’re beautiful though, and I wish I had ordered 2 of the Crisis so I could use one.


My first Attack on Titan figure! I love this series, and this figure is really cool. You can do LOTS of things with her and the extra pieces are perfect. I DO wish they had included a happier looking face plate for her though. All of them are rather angry. It also included instructions on how to put on her 3D gear… thank god, because I never would have figured it out on my own lol. Can you imagine trying to get into that gear in real life? Kudos to cosplayers.


I picked up these Tamashii bases to use with my Sailor Moon figures, but I found some that I like more than these… Depending on whether the ones I like are compatible with the Saint Seiya display I purchased for them I’ll probably end up selling these later XD.


This was a thrift shop score! It’s an official Disney Fairies Tinker Bell bag, and it’s MASSIVE. I’d never be able to use it as a purse, so it might be a convention bag, or maybe an over night bag for me XD. Found it for $10 and RAN lmao. Please comment if you know of its worth or any ebay auctions. I’m having trouble locating any to see exactly what it is and when it was made.


I snagged a Tinker Bell Funko at a small event this month. She’s adorable. ♥

IMG_2362I went to see The Flower We Saw That Day when they played a showing here in Edmonton, and on the way in I got a free autograph board! It’s pretty, and rather heart breaking after seeing the movie lol. The movie was beautiful, but by the end I cried like a baby.


Managed to snag 5 sets of stickers from a booth at a small event. They had a pile of them that were all the same… and I ALMOST bought them all XD, but I figured 5 was a good number lol. Sailor Mercury is coloured wrong despite these being official Canadian merchandise. Sadness.

IMG_2363 IMG_2364

Snagged this for $12 from a booth that I know well at the same event I got the stickers and Tinker Bell from. They sell a lot of bootlegs, and I’ve learned to buy nothing but official merch from them to encourage them to purchase more XD. They’re good people… just *sigh*.

IMG_2361My last thrift shop find for the month. I’ve wanted the limited edition with the super nice case for a long time, but finally accepted that I’m never going to buy it. This one was only $5, so I grabbed it. Why not? lol.

That’s it for February! Feel free to comment or send me an Ask on Tumblr if there’s something you would like me to review next!

Otafest, Garage Sales, and Swap Meets, oh my!

I love my Fiancee. In fact, he’s probably the reason I’m collecting anime and Sailor Moon merchandise the way that I am right now. When we first met and began dating I was still a huge fan of Sailor Moon, but I wasn’t really into spending money on merchandise. Sure, a few key chains here and there at conventions, but NEVER shopping online and purposely searching for it the way I do now.

In the way of Sailor Moon merch. Otafest was a bust. We were expecting to meet up with a friend and buy his collection from him, but it turns out the rest of his collection was back in Edmonton… where the three of us are from anyways. So we’re going to meet up at some point and buy the stuff… if I can afford to even breath after the last 2 weeks.

Let me start this off by telling you that the lack of new updates hasn’t been because I’ve been busy or lazy. Oh no. You see, pre, during, and after Otafest both my fiancee and I were mildly sick with a small cold. He had it worse before, but was getting over it, I was fighting it off quite well with syrup and lots of meds. This didn’t work. Not only did I get REALLY sick when I got back to Edmonton after Otafest, but it turned into what the doctors called an Acute Sinus Infection. Trust me when I say acute is NOT the right word. My face swelled up, I was in so much pain that I began shaking violently. Finally the sinus infection seemed to go away, but the swelling in my face didn’t. A return to the doctors confirmed that it was Shingles.

AVOID SHINGLES. I’m telling you now. There is NOTHING that will take the pain away.

Anyways, here is my Otafest update as well as other events that have happened since.
Sailor Moon-wise, this was all I found. A single bootleg plushie ($20), which also happens to be the newest bootleg. I also got a Sailor Moon World poster ($3)(which is also probably a bootleg) and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Also pictured are 2 Shugo Chara art books (official?)($45 each), Red Shugo Chara Dumpty Key($10), various character Shugo Chara key chain($10), a Humpty Lock watch (front opens)($15), 2 fan buttons($3), Chobits 7 manga($8), entire first half of Magic Knight Rayearth manga($14). There is also a Rozen Maiden pencil board that isn’t pictured (actually it is, it’s just hiding in one of the art books *face palm*)

The Chobits art book isn’t new. I got it autographed by the Michelle Ruff, the english voice actress of Chii.

My fiancee also found Amu, Ran, Miki, and Suu plushies($25 each), as well as 2 Shugo Chara posters($3 each). We won xxholic season 1 autographed by a voice actor, as well as another anime by him that involves a frog lol. There’s also an official Otafest back pack autographed by the same voice actor. This is apparently all my fiancees though </3 No sharing lol. Of course, we also managed to pick up the entire Kare Kano manga series in the charity auction for $35. The autographed stuff in this paragraph was also for the charity auction.

This is some of the stuff I got from a friend of mine. We actually still aren’t done. I purchased a broach off of her as well, but both of us forgot about it when I went to pick up the stuff pictured above lol.

So 3 North American puzzles, and the Web of the Negaverse board game, which is also Canadian. This particular game tends to be rare, but sells for rather cheap. I owned it when Sailor Moon was still rather popular for my generation, but sold it in a garage sale. I got the games for $5 each, the game for $20, and the clock for either $5 or free? lol I’m not sure. I also got a LOAD of North American trading cards for $5.

Does anyone know if the clock is legit? I believe it may be bootleg, but the printing quality is pretty good. It appears to be yellowed, but the plastic cover over the puzzle actually has a yellow tint. I’m going to try and see if it needs cleaning or if it’s just yellow. It appeared to just be yellow though.

Some of the people at Anime-Alberta hosted a swap meet at the University of Alberta this past Saturday. It was rather… sad in terms of the turn out, but there were LOTS of vendors lol. Thank you to Blix @ Anime-Alberta who was amazing and brought lots of Sailor Moon things for me to drool over.

Pictured are the 5 house sets for each of the inner senshi (did they make them for the outers?). She was selling them for $20 for the entire set, but I thought all day that it was $20 each and that I couldn’t afford them. At the end of the day she gave me all 5 for $15 dollars!! That’s a total of $3 dollars each. YES I NEARLY PEED MY PANTS. I was SO happy and I can’t wait to assemble/set up everything so that I can photograph it. Most of the items are already taken apart and sticker’d, but it’ll still be fun.

I also got a Tuxedo Mask pencil board, Pluto key chain (official? $1), Prince Darien figurine ($1), Tuxedo Mask key chain (official? $1), Sailor Neptune pin ($1) and Tuxedo Mask pin ($1). She also sold me the Luna Pen for $3 and said she’ll send me a message if she finds the box! Then there’s also a card board Mercury card which she gave me for free, and 2 sticker sets that I paid $1 each for.

NOT pictured are 2 Card Captor Sakura official figurines that I got for $2 from another vendor.

And so it is once again proven that I can find Sailor Moon anywhere XD My poor, poor fiancee.

HaruFest and Updates!

This is totally not even my entire haul from Harufest 2010. I’ve also got a giant 14″ Luna plushie that’s actually dark purple! Not to mention some buttons from my friend Heather made. They’re wicked planet symbol buttons. <33

I have too be honest. Most of the items from my last update haven’t been photographed and uploaded here yet, nor have the items in this picture. BUT! I’ve got a lot of my older items updated.  For those wondering what is in this particular photo though here’s the list:

Uchiwa (Japanese fan)
Bootleg sticker set
Jumbo Cardass card
Super Sailor Chibi Moon plushie
Dream Pocket Mercury (missing tiara and am willing to buy an extra one!)
American ruled note book
Japanese Dress-up dolls
Mini colouring books
Cardass card binder (with some cards)
Smile Mag. Issue 3.9
2x Handkerchiefs
3x Pencil boards

NOT PICTURED: 14″ Luna plushie, fan buttons, Sailor Stars envelopes, Sailor Moon R note pad, and Jumbo Sailor Moon World card.

If you just look through the Sailor Moon tab there are LOADS of new items since my last update. As I said, most of them are old items, but they’re still new to the website!

Also please! If you guys are headed to a Canadian convention some time this year make sure you check out Synaptic Chaos Theater! They’re former 404 members with a new name, new games, and even better laughs!