Sailor Moon Petit Deluxe


Japanese release date: September 29, 2015
International release date:


The Petit Deluxe series seems to be a new series to replace Bandai’s Chibi-Arts. Following a similar, but larger design to their Petit Chara Land and Petit Chara figures, it’s still allows for interchangeable alternate pieces, and face plates! Sailor Moon, the first (and currently ONLY) piece in the series also includes a base that doubles as storage.


IMG_0082I imagine this is how most of the boxes from this line will look. Open window in the front, character, name, info, and special details on the box as typical. The design is actually PERFECT for Sailor Moon. The lace is reminiscent of Naoko’s earlier manga art where she included lace and doily patterns EVERYWHERE she could. I am a little disappointed in the vectored bow. It’s missing a lot of the iconic shape of the Sailor Moon bow despite it being featured elsewhere properly on the box.

The window of the box nicely features the figure, and her accessories without creating a messy display showing all of the extra parts. While it’s visually appealing it IS a little empty, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of options.

IMG_0084The side window allows a neat look at the profile view of Sailor Moon.

IMG_0088Back of the box gives a good, cleanly organized look at what you can expect from the parts, including the stand/storage box.


I did have one minor issue with my box aside from some slight corner damage. The plastic window wasn’t actually glued to the bottom left side of the box. There’s no residue, or sign that it had ever been sealed in at all. Fortunately I know how to fix it, but it was a bit disappointing.

Parts, and Fit


Sailor Moon comes with 19 pieces:

2 Face Plates
1 Neck Joint
1 Body (including legs)
7 Arm Pieces
1 Back head Piece
1 Fringe (Bangs)
2 Pig Tails
1 Luna
1 Cutie Moon Rod
1 Base
1 Base Arm Attachment


So far the fit of everything feels nice and tight. I’m not concerned about anything falling off… except for maybe her bangs. They’re a little loose, but the only issues I had with her during the photo shoot was when I was reassembling everything after the picture above.

Nendoroid Compatibility

Some people have questioned whether her face plates are compatible with Nendoroids. I’m going to leave it at “It depends”. I’ve seen people try certain face plates that worked just fine, but I’ve also seen people say theirs didn’t fit. What SHOULD work is attaching an entire head from the neck joint onto the alternate body.

Sculpting and Posing

Sailor Moon’s sculpt definitely follows the Petit Chara and Petit Chara Land line of figures.

groupIt’s kind of funny, because these figures are in order of release, and you can see a clear improvement between the Petit Chara and Petit Chara Land figures, but the Deluxe figure looks like a strange mix between the two. She’s definitely the most rigid of the three, but I think it’s  partly because without her posed arms she reminds me of this:

117503…which isn’t so good given that this Miku is based on a mascot costume. The figure isn’t all that likable due to the proportions, and the lack of neck. The collector community often complains about the figures based on those costumes.


In action Sailor Moon is not that unpleasant though. She’s VERY cute and very fun to play with with her multiple arms for different poses. Her skirt could use some life, but gives us the ability to move her legs. Though they aren’t interchangeable they DO have joints at her hips.



The back is nicely sculpted, though probably not going to be viewed often due to the nature of her stand. There are some small seam lines on her arms, but they’re not visible during display.



The paint is actually really well done. I had concerns after so many issues with the S.H.Figuarts figures, but the only anomalies are ones I completely expected due to the size of the details.

The messy details are her boot tops, and tiara charm (below). Her hair, clothing, and the moons on her boots are really nicely done. I LOVE how clean her brooch is despite its size, and the amount of detail both sculpted and painted.


I expected a clean print in Sailor Moons eyes, which as kind of made me feel uneasy about them, but aesthetically I LOVE them. They’re so cute and detailed, and the pixelated/stipple look compliments her chibi proportions.



Her base is actually quite awesome. Most bases for articulated/interchangeable figures are just flat, made to take up as little space as possible, or balance the figure as well as possible. Sailor Moon’s base acts not only as a pretty stand for balance, but also as a riser, and a storage box! The height lifts it off of the surface of wherever it is displayed so that things can be displayed in front of it, but that height also provides a nice container for all of Sailor Moons extra pieces. Don’t worry. If that looks too messy for you the base will operate just fine without the extra weight of the parts inside of it to weigh it down.



Just a reference picture for the assembly of the base, because I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why the peg for Sailor Moons back didn’t fit… lol. This end goes into the BASE! Not Sailor Moon.


The part of the base that Sailor Moon sits on is actually the Silver Crystal, and the inside of the Crystal Star Locket. It’s a nice touch, given that Sailor Moon is wearing the Crystal Star Brooch instead of her first season Classic Transformation Brooch.

Identify Bootlegs

As of November 3, 2015 there are no bootlegs for this series. If you believe that you’ve found a bootleg please comment below with a link to the listing, or photos of your figure and I’ll update this post!


I’m really looking forward to the potential continuation of this series and acquiring Sailor Mercury. At $45 CAD it was a little steep in comparison to the Nendoroid line in quality and accessories vs cost, but the odd Nendo also comes with a lack of accessories for a high price tag, so I’m hoping who ever is next in the series does a little better.

While at a super close inspection her paint IS a little suspect she’s the first in a new line of figures, and given the paint quality of Bandai’s other figure lines it really doesn’t surprise me that most of the small details fall a little short.

In the end I think she’s definitely a must for casual and hard core collectors, but I recommend grabbing her at the best price you see her at. I feel like she’ll drop in price as the S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon line has on the secondary market.

Sailor Moon New Media List

2930-1600x600_sailormoonPlease excuse some of the formatting. WordPress is being a butt, and won’t make it right. This list will be LIVING (updated regularly). Please come back to check on updates!

Classic Sailor Moon

STREAMING – U.S. Only Streaming – U.S. Only Streaming


English release is the new Viz Media Dub. Japanese release will have the new Viz Media Subtitles. Google Play and iTues releases FULL SEASONS, or individual episodes for $1.99


Season 1 Part 1

iTunes English – HD | SD
iTunes Japanese – HD | SD
Play English HD | SD
Play Japanese HD | SD
RightStuf – Blu-Ray/DVD LE Box Set | Blu-Ray/DVD Standard | DVD

Season 1 Part 2

iTunes English – HD | SD
iTunes Japanese – HD | SD
Play English HD | SD
Play Japanese HD | SD
RightStuf – Blu-Ray/DVD | DVD

Season 2 Part 1

iTunes English – HD | SD
iTunes Japanese – HD | SD
Play English HD | SD
Play Japanese HD | SD
RightStuf – Blu-Ray/DVD LE Box Set | Blu-Ray/DVD Standard | DVD

Season 2 Part 2

iTunes English – HD | SD
iTunes Japanese – HD | SD
Play English HD | SD
Play Japanese HD | SD
RightStuf – Blu-Ray/DVD | DVD


Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Music Collection [Limited Low-priced Edition]
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon R Music Collection [Limited Low-priced Edition]
Kokyoshi Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon R [Limited Low-priced Edition]
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon S Music Collection [Limited Low-priced Edition]

Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Super Best

Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection [HQCD] CDJapan
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection [HQCD]
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection Vol.2 [HQCD] CDJapan
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection Vol.2 [HQCD]

Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars Best Song Collection
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon R - Mirai ni Mukatte CDJapan
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon R – Mirai ni Mukatte
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album


Sailor Moon Reflections, by Roland Parliament

Sailor Moon Crystal

STREAMING – U.S. Only Streaming – U.S. Only Streaming.


No North American compatible releases yet.


Sailor Moon Crystal: Moon Pride Single w/ Bonus Blu-Ray
Sailor Moon Crystal: Moon Pride Single
Momoiro Clover Z Cover No Bonus
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack CDJapan Amazon
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack
Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon Crystal Character Song Collection

20th Anniversary Bag Charms

Japanese release date: December 2013
International release date: None


MFC: Crystal Star | Crisis Brooch | Sailor Pluto Chibi Usa

The bag charms released in 2013 were some of the first accessories we seen from the 20th Anniversary. They featured a string of the Inner Senshi symbols accompanied by the Crystal Star compact, the Crisis brooch, and a Pluto/Chibi Usa themed piece featuring a Time Key, Chibi Usa’s compact, and a star featuring Pluto’s planetary symbol.

These are the official release photos

Paulichu1382414919 Paulichu1382414973 Paulichu1382415328Crystal Star Bag Charm

IMG_4040smallThe Crystal Star bag charm is a cute chain containing the girls symbols, and a flat Crystal Star brooch charm. The design is simple, and even a little discreet as an anime merchandise piece.  My only complaint about the design is the charm placement. Mercury and Venus’s symbols are very similar, and it looks like they’ve placed 2 of the same charms on one side, even though they haven’t. If you aren’t against a little alteration though, it’s super easy to take a pair of jewelry pliers and switch the charms around.

My biggest issue with this charm set though is that mine came with a factory defect.

IMG_4044SmallI have 2 Sailor Mercury charms, 1 Venus, 1 Jupiter, and 1 Crystal Star, but no Sailor Mars to be found =( I suppose back in 2014 when I received them I could have talked to CDJapan, but there were so many reports about them arriving with box damage, or surface scratches that I just didn’t want to mess with that. At that point these were one of the first signs we were going to get swamped with cool things though, and I just really wanted them lol.

IMG_4043smallThe clasp on the charm isn’t the most secure. While it feels spring loaded I wouldn’t trust it on a bag that I use every day.  The opposite side is basically a really nice looking key ring. Though I think using it as one would mean scratching away the gold paint.

Crisis Brooch Bag Charm


The Crisis brooch charm is my favourite out of all of them… though that’s definitely bias based on the fact that the Crisis brooch in general is my favourite XD. The stone placements are wonderful though, and the interpretation is sleek.

Click to go to The Oracle
Click to go to The Oracle


The details aren’t EXACT, but that’s a part of having something a little more stylized like this, and probably does a fair bit to help keep the price down. The little pink stones are placed perfectly though, and the center stone, while created with a different “cut” than the drawn piece, looks pretty spot on.

Sailor Pluto and Chibi Moon Bag Charms


Each individual piece of this charm is beautiful, but I feel like as one set it’s the strangest out of the series. Pluto and Chibi Moon make complete and total sense, but I just felt like this didn’t quite work. It features a star with Pluto’s planetary symbol on it, a time key that Chibi Usa is given by Pluto, and Chibi Usa’s Prism locket.

IMG_4050small IMG_4051small IMG_4052smallBox


The boxes are very cute, but almost all of them arrived damaged in some way. Everything from dents, to surface scratches. The boxes for my charms aren’t as bad as the picture shows… this was mostly unfortunate lighting and a little bit of colour editing that brought out how many scratches there were, so I wanted to show it. Most of the issues will be visible, but not disastrous… though they may not be displayable if you strive for mint condition boxes.

The back of each box shows a black and white image of which charm is in the box, and contains the TOEI sticker.



These pieces are all very nice individually. It’s important to look for defects if you purchase any of them. There’s a good chance the box WILL be damaged, but I think your chances of getting one with the wrong charms on it like mine are very slim. I haven’t actually heard of anyone else with this issue (or I’d do some charm swapping lol).

As a collector, I say purchase the ones you like. These aren’t particularly well sought after, nor are they the most amazing quality or item to come out of the revival. They’re just a cute item, with minimal uses, and difficult to display qualities.

Tamashii Buddies Sailor Moon Figures – Inner Senshi


Japanese release date: April 2015
International release date: May 2015


“Tamashii Buddies” is a new line of figures from Bandai that are meant to be affordable. Consider them a “Pop” figure from Japan. They’ll range around $10-$15, come in generic packaging, come in a generic pose that matches the rest of the character line, and come with a character/series appropriate background.

The cool part about this figure line is that they’re the first line (that I know of) that come with a stacking feature (photos below). This makes them unique, and a great option for the collector without a lot of space.

Due to the generic nature of this line I’ll be featuring these figures in 2 posts. The first (this one) will feature the Inner Senshi and be updated as they release. The second will feature the Outer Senshi as they are released (as of April 2015 they have not even been announced). Subscribe to my blog to receive a notification when that happens!



The packaging for this line is extremely generic. In fact, the other series featured in this line, Dragonball Z, has essentially the exact same packaging in a different colour. Anything to keep costs down! This is reminisent of the Funko Pop! figure line in North America.

The left features the name of the character and series, the top right features the figure number in the line (Venus 006, Moon 005), the bottom features the figure line logo, series logo, and license holders logo’s, including the TOEI sticker seen on almost every piece of Sailor Moon merchandise out there.

Here’s a closer look at that information:


IMG_4006 IMG_4007 IMG_4008 IMG_4009

Parts, Assembly, and Fit

Each figure comes with a background, 4 posts, and a “top”. The characters are firmly attached to the base in such a way that I didn’t want to try too hard to remove one of them, as I felt like it might not go back on without glue.

IMG_4017 IMG_4025

Pay attention to which way you insert your posts to build your frame as there IS a top and a bottom. The top has the peg on the inside of the post, the bottom has the peg on the outside of the post (inside being where the background is held.

IMG_4018 IMG_4020

Build your frame, and THEN slide the background card into it from the bottom.


Insert the bottom pegs into the back of the base.


To make them stackable insert the extra posts on the front of the base of the figure you wish to be on the bottom of your display, and remove the top piece on the back of the display. Place the top figure on the posts, and insert the pegs into the holes on the bottom of the top figures base.

You may also add left over posts (and the now extra top) to the top figure for a frame effect similar to the bottom figure, but it isn’t required.


Sculpting and Posing

As this line is meant to be relatively well priced for the casual collector don’t expect a lot of greatness and variety out of this line, and especially not this series. As this is only number 5 and 6 out of a brand new line by an experienced company the sculpting is not bad, but it’s definitely not up there with their more expensive figures, reasonably so.

The pose is still an appropriate one for the series, the faces are cute, and actually… the hair and bows are REALLY cute. Sailor Moon’s twin tails are probably one of my favourite versions of them out of what we’ve seen in the 20th Anniversary figures in general. They’re what I’d expect to see on her chibi-fied figure.

My only issue with these is that their proportions are a little wonky. They’re JUST in that grey area of “Well, are they chibi? Or are they poorly sculpted non-scales?” Technically I think the Tamashii Buddies line was shooting for “Super Deformed” (which is an actual term in regards to the proportions used), but I’ve always felt awkwardly about that style. It never quite has the right level of “deformed” to reach the level of cute I feel they’re striving for

IMG_4027 IMG_4028 IMG_4029 IMG_4030

I love the details put into their backs despite most display set-ups probably never allowing you to properly see them.

IMG_4037 IMG_4038


As with most “affordable” figures the painting DOES come with a few defects, though definitely not the way most do. I’m actually quite impressed with the paint job done on these figures, though the eyes, and Sailor Moons brooch are decals… that’s not a draw back at all for me as they look great.


I was rather sad to discover a paint chip on the boot of Sailor Moon. It’s REALLY noticeable.

IMG_4034 IMG_4035 IMG_4036


The base itself is rather basic in pattern, with just a brick/tile pattern, but the base as a functioning part of the figure is WONDERFUL!


Not only does it display a wonderful background


But it helps collectors with limited space CREATE space.

IMG_4032So while it’s incredibly basic, it’s also incredibly useful, and if I scored things in my reviews I’d give it a 15/10, because basically all Sailor Moon collectors are crying over space issues right now. This isn’t limited to the Sailor Moon series either! This is a feature of the ENTIRE Tamashii Buddies line that’s compatible all the way through. So you can also stack these with the Dragonball Z figures.

Identify Bootlegs

As of April 2015 there are no bootlegs of this series. Please comment if you think you’ve found some!


I think the only thing I’m disappointed in is that I’m NOT disappointed. I was really hoping I wouldn’t want to collect these just so I could keep SOMETHING off of my wishlist! XD. These are ADORABLE and super well done for a $15 value, AND if you’re creative it’s SUPER easy to make custom backgrounds by printing out backgrounds on some cardstock. The backgrounds measure 5 1/8″ tall x 2 5/8″ wide btw 😉

Basically if you’re broke and want some Sailor Moon figures but can’t afford the $80+ FiguartsZERO line I HIGHLY recommend these figures for your collection.

Where To Buy

Sailor Moon 005
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Venus 006
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Mars 00#
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Mercury
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Jupiter
CDJapan | HLJ | AmiAmi

Sailor Moon Otafest Aurora Panel Cancelled


This was my driveway this morning. My brother shoveled it out 3x yesterday ;_;

Due to the 30+ cm of snow we received over the last two days and over night I am unable to make it to Otafest Aurora tomorrow. I am not confident enough in the roads to drive the 3 hours after this snow fall, and promise that, budget permitting, I’ll try to host a Sailor Moon panel for Calgary at Otafest 2015.

To the people in Alberta, Canada right now, drive safe, and if you’re still going to Otafest Aurora take GREAT care in your drive. The amount of accidents on the highway alone are enough to intimidate me from the drive.

Have a wonderful Moonie weekend,


Identifying S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon Series Bootlegs

but specifically uses Sailor Moon as a baseline.

Price Tags & Listings

If an S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon figure is a bootleg chances are you’ll see her priced very low ($17.99 seems to be the magic price as of December 12, 2013). The seller may also state that the figure is the CHINESE VERSION instead of the Japanese version. “Chinese version” is a huge red flag, as there’s no such thing in this line. There are international releases, but those are signified with an alternate TOEI sticker, and no change to the box or figure. There is no specific Chinese release.

Be sure that if the seller uses official photos that they note whether the manufacturer is Bandai, or if they’ve left out that detail entirely

Box Identifiers

Left: Official First Release; Right: Bootleg (Pic. Credit)

It’s harder to tell online because photo editing, and picture taking conditions can vary, but try to identify if the box colour differs from an official box. Note how in the photos above the bootleg has a red tone.

Physically the only box difference other than the colour is the international Sailor Moon logo that appears on the bootleg box, but not the official box pictured. THIS IS ACTUALLY OK! This logo DOES appear on some boxes, and appears to be something signifying international release vs Japanese release. They’re all manufactured by the same people, in the same place, and distributed from Japan, but the international release has it’s own release date outside of Japan.

On the window of the box for the First Edition release of Sailor Moon specifically should be a sticker that reads:

2 Interchangeable Face Parts-
Winking and Crying

The second press of this figure DOES NOT have this sticker, or the bonus parts, but the bootleg of the first press figure neglects to recreate this sticker, and therefore it is missing. If you have no sticker in the window, but bonus parts your figure could be bootleg.

The bootleg is also missing the TOEI sticker outlined in red on the bottom portion of the box. This sticker is normally located in the same location pictured, or above the 20th Anniversary logo between Sailor Moons legs.


Bootleg joints on this figure are skin tone. They should be WHITE or the appropriate colour of that joint, but ALL of the bootlegs are skin tone.


Check the paint colours in both her eyes and mouth on the faceplates. The official versions appear slightly darker, and it appears more obvious in the mouth. The official face plates also have thicker and darker tiaras. The bootlegs are faded looking, and the eyebrows are the wrong colour.

The Crescent Moon Wands seem to be the give away here though. One of the more impressive features of this official figure is how well the wands are moulded and painted. The bootlegs look horrible. Their sculpting and paint jobs are VERY messy.

Body Sculpt & Paint Job


This image gives a clear look at not just the skin tone arm joints, but how poorly painted she is as well. Take note of her skirt, choker, and Odango covers. It also appears that her bangs try to make use of the transparent plastic, but it appears a little dirty. This COULD be caused by the black background though.

In most of the photographs found for this bootleg ((mfc link)) it appears that her joints are pulled out to make her appear longer. You can see her joints sticking out under her skirt and at her arms. Her head also appears pulled forward too far, or up too far.

Also note the seam lines along her body side, shoulder pads, and the prominent neck joint. These details are trimmed or avoided on an official piece.


Though I have no pictures to offer one of the biggest complaints from people who have been stuck with a bootleg version of Sailor Moon is how easily she falls apart at the waist and arms. THIS SHOULDN’T BE AN ISSUE**. While some factory defects escape inspection your figure shouldn’t easily fall apart.

** This has since changed. A common problem with the S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon is that her torso detaches from her bust and needs to be popped back in.

If you have any questions, or tips for spotting a bootleg S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon figure please comment below!


Purchase her on CDJapan

Purchase her on Entertainment Earth

Purchase her on HLJ

Gilles Bone Digital Art and Illustration

My good friend Gilles Bone has been working his butt off for as long as I have known him to create the best art he can, and you may recognize his stuff from lots of popular 24 hour tee sites. I’m happy to say he finally opened up his own website and shop, and I want to show him off.

Throne of Magic


TOM-002_grande TOM-003_grande

Buy Throne of Magic

Throne of Magic is available on his site for $18 USD in Men, Women, and Child sizes. The colour of the shirt affects the look of the design as the line work is transparent! (Except for on the lighter sand colour). The Throne from Game of Thrones is re-imagined as Sailor Moon’s throne, skillfully crafted with the various weapons and items from Magical Girls throughout the decades.

A Moon Prism Christmas


Buy A Moon Prism Christmas Tee
Buy A Moon Prism Christmas Sweater

A Moon Prism Christmas tee is $18, and the sweater is $35. Not a bad deal for a custom sweater (and it’s currently on sale for $25!! GO GO GO!) . Bring Sailor Moon into Christmas, and to your favourite ugly sweater party (except you’ll have the prettiest sweater there XD)!

Click the pictures below to see his other Sailor Moon pieces.

Meeting of Fate and Guardian of the Dream World are my FAVES!

Aside from Sailor Moon art, Gilles has also made some of my fave Disney, anime, and other fan pieces (Click to view).

And if his shirts don’t tickle your fancy his Redbubble might give you better merchandise to suit your needs!

Otafest Aurora 2014!

This Saturday Otafest Aurora will be taking place at the University of Calgary, and guess who will be hosting her next out-of-city panel?!

That’s right! I’ll be hosting my first ever Sailor Moon panel in Calgary. Info and room map below. My room is highlighted in yellow. TAKE NOTE that it is on the second floor. I’ll be there with my usual slide show, videos, and display… though, as I’ll be traveling 3 hours away the display will be slightly smaller than usual (but lots of small, awesome things have released lately!)

(Stan Grad Building, 2nd Floor, Room MB203 1:30-2:30pm)

Find out what’s going on now and into 2015 for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal! Where to watch, how to shop, and see some released merch in person!


Sunrise Luna P Cushion


Released: November 2014
Item Wiki: Luna P
Item MFC


Luna P is one of the first items being released in a series of Sailor Moon items called the “Sailor Sisters Collection”. It really only had one ad released (Below), but marketing went pretty viral because this is the first 1:1 scale Luna P ever officially released. She sold between 2,500 yen and 3,000 yen average on most sites.


Packaging and Tags

Luna P came in a clear plastic bag with zero markings. She does have a butt tag, and a cardboard tag though.

IMG_3696E IMG_3697E IMG_3698E

© T.P.T

874 OC14 Made in China



 Up until now all of the plushies released for the 20th Anniversary have had embroidered faces. Probably due to the materials used in Luna P, her face is printed on with a vinyl.


The antenna coming out of Luna P’s head is sturdy, but not bendable, and the ears are really well stuffed.

Admit it, you did this as well.

The material is SUPER stretchy and soft, and instead of being stuffed with cotton batting it’s stuffed with beans. That means it’ll keep shape for a LOT longer, and it’s super easy to sit Luna P down and make it sit still.


IMG_3689E IMG_3693E

The thing about Luna P is that it’s full of beans. In these shots it’s definitely not round, but it’s pretty easy to make it close, or at least more attractive than shot 2 XD.

I found really fast that Luna P is durable and will hold shape nicely while on display.


Luna P is one of those products that made me hmm and haw over whether I wanted it, and did so probably the most since the new merchandise began releasing for me. That said, I have zero regrets, and once it was in my hands I didn’t even consider whether I wanted to keep it.

Luna P is a WONDERFUL display piece, whether in a display case or on your bed. I have no doubt that as a convention cosplay prop it’ll hold up well, and should be easy to surface clean. It’s a must have for Luna P/Chibi Usa collectors, and the perfect size for cosplayers.