Sailor Moon Classic ADV DVD Set

Release Year: 2003Specifications: ADV Films; 1060 Minutes; Region 1. Contains uncut Japanese version with English subtitles. NO English dub settings.Release: Canada/USAStatus: OfficialPaid: Gift This Sailor Moon DVD set was actually a gift I received when I was about 18. I remember looking at another copy longingly in a comic shop display case, but at $150Continue reading “Sailor Moon Classic ADV DVD Set”

Sailor Moon Fan Art – Magical Moon Toys

If you know me pretty well you’ll likely not be surprised to know that I have a huge obsession with 2 things. Sailor Moon, and comprehensive, inclusive Sex Education. I’m a weird and complicated woman. For very obvious reasons I haven’t really mixed the two until recently. Honestly, I’ve had this idea for years, butContinue reading “Sailor Moon Fan Art – Magical Moon Toys”

Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge

Back in May the Sailor Moon Redraw challenge resurfaced, and since I was very much trapped at home like the rest of the world, I focused some of my extra time on art. I recently picked up a pastel, neon, metallic, glittery water colour set from Sakura Media and, well, Sailor Moon invites infinite amountsContinue reading “Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge”

Sailor Moon Advertising

Hey There Sports Fans! I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve spent the last 4 days working on a project for you all. I’ve been scanning my Sailor Moon advertising collection. The link will live on this page, but for now you can get to it by click on the image below. I hopeContinue reading “Sailor Moon Advertising”

Sailor Moon R: The Movie Aftermath

I apologize for making this blog so late. TBH I kept going to write this post and failing to have the words lol. Seeing “Sailor Moon R The Movie” in-theatre was AMAZING. The day started out with meeting a few members of my Sailor Moon group (Edmonton Sailor Moon Fans) in the mall food courtContinue reading “Sailor Moon R: The Movie Aftermath”

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Tomorrow is the day most Moonies have been waiting for since the beginning of the 20th Anniversary, and the announcement from Viz Media that they would be dubbing ALL of Sailor Moons classic anime and Crystal. I am going to see Sailor Moon R: The Movie (formally Promise of the Rose) in the theatre. (I’mContinue reading “Sailor Moon R: The Movie”

Custom Hot Topic Exclusive Sailor Moon Funko Pop

It’s a mouthful! I know! When the Sailor Moon Funko Pops came in there were several things I needed to do… and they all involved painting customs. At first, I painted just Sailor Moon’s hair. She turned out pretty cute, eh? See some process pictures below. I painted her hair white pearl, and added goldContinue reading “Custom Hot Topic Exclusive Sailor Moon Funko Pop”

Sailor Pluto Amie-Grand Garage Kit

By: Amie-Grand Artist: Minatogawa Amaha Scale: 1/6 This Sailor Pluto kit has by far been one of my biggest challenges since starting garage kits. Having mailed her out only a few weeks ago and looking back I know I learned a lot, but I know I’m ready for much more challenging pieces because of it.Continue reading “Sailor Pluto Amie-Grand Garage Kit”

Sailor Moon Petit Deluxe

Japanese release date: September 29, 2015 International release date: Website: MFC The Petit Deluxe series seems to be a new series to replace Bandai’s Chibi-Arts. Following a similar, but larger design to their Petit Chara Land and Petit Chara figures, it’s still allows for interchangeable alternate pieces, and face plates! Sailor Moon, the firstContinue reading “Sailor Moon Petit Deluxe”

Sailor Moon New Media List

Please excuse some of the formatting. WordPress is being a butt, and won’t make it right. This list will be LIVING (updated regularly). Please come back to check on updates! Classic Sailor Moon STREAMING – U.S. Only Streaming – U.S. Only Streaming PURCHASE English release is the new Viz Media Dub. Japanese releaseContinue reading “Sailor Moon New Media List”