Chibi Usa Isn’t In Love With Her Father

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of people hate on Chibi Usa for a lot of reasons. Most of them come down to her acting like a brat, or for one iconic scene that appears in every version of Sailor Moon where she appears.

The Black Lady x Tuxedo Mask kiss is one of controversy because, if you somehow missed it, Chibi Usa is the future daughter of Tuxedo Mask.

If you’re confused, Chibi Usa (Sailor Chibi Moon) is the future daughter of Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask). When their time comes under attack and her family is in danger, Chibi Usa travels back in time with the unwilling help of Sailor Pluto to seek the help of a past Sailor Moon without the knowledge that Usagi is both Sailor Moon and her mother. Cue chaos and trouble when her enemies follow her back to when her mom was just 14/15 years old.

Black Lady comes into play when a character called the Wise Man convinces Chibi Usa that no one loves her and uses his power to corrupt her motivations and sense of self. He brainwashes her. She grows into an age comparable to, or between, Usagi and Mamoru, and develops a romantic love for Mamoru while also trying her best to make Usagi jealous. This is where people tend to freak out and grow concerned for Naoko Takeuchi’s morality and wonder what the heck TOEI and Kodansha were publishing in the ’90s (this was not the weirdest).

…but I think people misread the entire situation.

While Black Lady is absolutely in love with Tuxedo Mask and trying to destroy her parent’s relationship, she is not just a grown-up representation of their daughter and friend. Black Lady is a perversion of Chibi Usa and a puppet for Wise Man to obtain his goals. He works hard to break down her confidence to gain control of her and brainwashes her into becoming a tool.

Chibi Usa absolutely loves Mamoru, but she’s 5 years old. Children are constantly learning about love and discovering how love works. It is not uncommon for children to be attached to a certain parent (Oedipus complex), or even misunderstand how we use certain traditions. In real life it is common for children to misunderstand marriage and think that it is a blanket statement on love. That if you love someone you marry them. Whether they’re a friend, family member, or parent. It isn’t perverted or negative. It’s a misunderstanding. A learning curve. I think Chibi Usa sits somewhere between this stage of growth, and, well, just wanting to annoy Usagi for fun.

Chibi Usa often exhibits similar behaviour, though the franchise doesn’t toy with her being that naive about relationship structures. What they DO show, is an obvious relationship switch of Usagi to a sister figure. With the two now much closer in age, and their relation unknown at the beginning, it’s easy to see why they might develop such a relationship, especially given how Chibi Usa moves into Usagi’s home, using Luna P to brainwash the other members of the family into believing she is a visiting cousin. Usagi is often left to care for her in a sisterly fashion, bringing her to events, having her tag along with friends, etc. Chibi Usa very quickly refuses to see Usagi as a mother figure after the discovery, especially given both their childish natures, but often views Mamoru as mature, even though he is still high school to college-aged, depending on what dub or version you are looking at.

Mamoru is often a shoulder to cry on for Chibi Usa. She runs to his apartment to get away from Usagi and overall likes spending time with him. He provides her with a respect that Usagi certainly does not, and recognizes her need for an adult with the ability to provide guidance. Something her grandparents cannot do as they are unaware of her full situation, and Usagi is still too rather immature to provide.

But I think what people forget most about Chibi Usa is that she’s just a 5-year-old child. Even if you refer to versions where Chibi Usa is 5 for 900 years she is halted in further development. She is a child whose parents and friends are in danger, so she illegally travels alone through time in an attempt to get help from her hero and escape the enemy. She knows no one, especially who she can trust, and she has been followed back nearly 1000 years into the past. Attitude is very nearly her only defence, except for Luna P… who often seems full of more tricks than defence.

In short, Chibi Usa is a child who is taken advantage of in a world she doesn’t know. Her actual love for Usagi and Mamoru is twisted from something sisterly and playful and the respect of a parent, into her own sabotage. Her child-like love for her parent is perverted into something romantic for manipulative purposes, and her lack of respect for Usagi could bring about her own demise in the future. Instead of teasing over the ridiculous childish jealousy of Usagi, Black Lady uses her pain to hurt Usagi by kissing a brainwashed Mamoru in front of her. She uses it to fuel the feeling that Usagi has lost him. If Usagi and Mamoru never continue their relationship it destroys the future of Crystal Tokyo, as well as the existence of Chibi Usa in general.

To say that Chibi Usa as her pure self without brainwashing loves Mamoru romantically is missing a lot of conversation and plot line in Sailor Moon. It misses the power Wise Man obtains over her, and her true feelings when she finally breaks free. Overall, Chibi Usa is just a scared child who wants to go home.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie Aftermath

vizmedia-promise-of-the-roseI apologize for making this blog so late. TBH I kept going to write this post and failing to have the words lol.

Seeing “Sailor Moon R The Movie” in-theatre was AMAZING. The day started out with meeting a few members of my Sailor Moon group (Edmonton Sailor Moon Fans) in the mall food court for some Usagi-esque food (crepes, ice cream, or, in my case, bubble tea ^^;). We sat and talked for a bit about everything that’s happening with Sailor Moon, some of the funny things happening in the new dub, and whether people were enjoying it.

Then… it was TIME!

Picture by Christina Pelly

We lined up for the movie around 5:30-6ish, and got there JUST before they handed out the posters. Unfortunately, the last poster was given out to the person directly in front of myself and my friend Christy. TBH, I’m still bummed about it. We got there that early specifically for those posters, but you win some, you lose some (I’m still looking to buy one if you’re selling!). At least when it was time to go in we were guaranteed a postcard and an envelope as there were multiple MASSIVE stacks.

What was really fricken awesome was walking into a theatre and seeing “Sailor Moon R 7:00” across the sign, and a digital Sailor Moon poster on display. Something we’ve never had the opportunity to see in North America in the entirety of Sailor Moon.

So into the theatre we went with 30 minutes until start! With so much time on our hands, we found seats and cracked open our envelopes to work out some trades.


Turns out, basically everyone in the theatre got Moon, Venus, or Jupiter. Guess who I got?



And I couldn’t find a single Sailor Mercury to trade with. That was super disappointing, but oh well. I LOVE the advertisements that came with the postcard, though. What no one is talking about is that the postcard is on really nice card stock! Same with the postcard version of the movie poster that came separately. Also despite what staff said, the two movie poster advertisements ARE different! Here are some pictures of the fronts and backs of the cards below.



Left: Glossy Thin Ad, Right: Postcard Print Ad

Left: Glossy Thin Ad, Right: Postcard Print Ad


SURPRISE! Something no one seems to be talking about is that the back of the glossy advertisement gives us a time frame for Sailor Moon Super Part 2 on DVD and Blu-ray.


Then the lights dimmed, the crowd got quiet, and instead of the expected short, we got a small interview from the voice actors of Tuxedo Mask (Robbie Daymond), Fiore (Benjamin Diskin), and Sailor Moon (Stephanie Sheh). They were adorable and talked about their favourite parts of the movie without being spoilery, and how it felt to be a part of a series with so much behind it.

But to be honest, I don’t remember most of it because I was too busy laughing at Robbie Daymond’s sweater.


Oh yea. That suckers covered in ROSES. Of course it is.

Then FINALLY, Make-Up! Sailor Guardian began. It was from that point on that there was hardly a dry eye in our entire row.  We’ve all been fans since childhood, and seeing Sailor Moon look so beautiful on such a MASSIVE screen was everything we had ever dreamed of.

Let’s be honest, Sailor Moon was animated over two decades ago. Not everything held up to being BLOWN UP to the size of a theatre screen, but that’s acceptable. We’ve all witnessed some of the bad animation still show up on our small parent-approved bedroom televisions. It wasn’t going away.

But the colours, the characters, the love put into making the redub of Sailor Moon R The Movie was very apparent from both TOEI and Viz Media. I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying to keep up with the Limited Edition box sets from Viz and Rightstuf, but since I moved out a year and a half ago… that hasn’t been so easy. On top of that, I now have a whole bunch of new responsibilities, and I haven’t even managed to watch them aside from what I caught during the showing of my own Blu-rays during the International Sailor Moon Day that I hosted during Animethon last year.

Based on that, I was very impressed with what I saw from Sailor Moon R The Movie. Everything was cleaned up nicely, the voice actors were wonderful, and it took me very little time to adjust to hearing them as their characters (though I supremely missed the old VA’s out of nostalgia for sure). Seeing the iconic kiss between Mamoru and Usagi that saves Usagi’s life so beautifully preserved was my breaking point. When the movie comes out in April I very much doubt I’ll be able to watch to that point without crying.

If you couldn’t tell, I had an AMAZING time at Viz Media’s showing of Sailor Moon R The Movie, and I can’t wait to see the next one!

Opening Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter Cards: