CCEE Haul and Update

A LOT of updates have been made today since I had the day off.

I spent the weekend in Calgary, Alberta at the Calgary Comic Expo. Incredibly enough I managed to find some Sailor Moon items! One of those items was an alarm clock which can be found here. I also found a small blanket, Sailor Moon backpack, and several non-Sailor Moon items that I’m totally in love with.

The updates you can find today though are:

Accessories > Bedroom
Cosplay Toys > Charm Necklace
Media > R Uncut
Stationary > Notebooks

I’ve also split the Figurines drop down list into Japanese and N. American.

If you mess with the links you’ll notice that pages like Figurines > Japanese have nothing on them. That’s because they’re just there to separate the sections. NOT to hold content. I may update them tomorrow with links in case of a layout change one day though.

OH! And there’s also a new section! It’s called information. The basic Information page has info about me, the website, and my website images (BG and header). The Information > SM Collection Profile is my profile from Livejournal with some updates to keep it “up to date” and not always looking outdated. For example, I removed my age, and replaced it with my birthday so that I’m not 20 for the next three or four years lol.

Information > Rules are rules for how to use my images. But don’t worry! I’m not a meanie or anything lol.