ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops

Release Date: 2020Manufacturer: ROHTOWebsite: ROHTO Lycee These ROHTO Lycee eye drops are formulated for fatigued, tired eyes and treat redness. As far as I can tell this particular design released in early 2020, but it’s not the first time ROHTO has collaborated with Sailor Moon. There are lots of unique bottle designs available. Unfortunately theyContinue reading “ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops”

Kotobukiya Cu-Poche Dark Magician Girl

This review was originally posted on MFC by me on October 21, 2013 Every popular series has that one character or item that everyone recognizes and maybe even collects, despite having never seen the series, or knowing much about the character. Dark Magician Girl is one of those characters/things. She is not a character inContinue reading “Kotobukiya Cu-Poche Dark Magician Girl”

Figure Maniacs Manga Sailor Moon

By Bandai and Ascii Media Works This review was originally posted on MFC 10/10/2013 The manga version of Sailor Moon is incredibly rare in figure form. There are figures that resemble the chibi versions of the characters as drawn by Naoko, but they’re still primarily based on the anime. This Sailor Moon, as made byContinue reading “Figure Maniacs Manga Sailor Moon”

Live Action PGSM Gashapon Set

WARNING! Photo Heavy!This review was originally posted September 6, 2013 on MFCThis review was updated October 28, 2020 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, aka PGSM or Live Action Sailor Moon is a well known adaption of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon that aired on Japanese television from October 2003 until September 2004. PGSM is usually loved forContinue reading “Live Action PGSM Gashapon Set”

S.H.Figuarts Sailor Mercury

Japanese Release Date: October 25, 2013International Release Date: November 2013Website: Sailor Mercury is a fan favourite in Japan. While her crime fighting partner Sailor Moon is known to be rather useless in her studies, and motivation, Ami Mizuno is the exact opposite. She strives to do the best she can in school and receivesContinue reading “S.H.Figuarts Sailor Mercury”

Crystal Star Compact: Shining Moon Powder

Website:CreerBeauteStore:P-BandaiMFC: LinkRelease Dates: October 25, 2013; November 20, 2013, December 24, 2013 Purchased from: BiginJap.comPaid: $56 USDWhen: Purchased June 2013, Received December 2013 This post was updated on November 1, 2020. The Crystal Star Compact is used by Usagi in season 2 (R Arc) of Sailor Moon to help her transform in combination with theContinue reading “Crystal Star Compact: Shining Moon Powder”