March Loot Post

10168137_10151972220401691_960348356_nlmao. Uhm ;_;

I had an event that I both bought and sold at, a hot topic order, AmiAmi order, 2 Plamoya orders, HLJ order, Jlist order (sshh), CDJapan order, BigPfeiffer, Ebay, Disney…

Seriously, I think I got items from every shop I order at last month.

There’s a lot, so I won’t do my usual commentary. You might have already seen this on Tumblr. Feel free to comment, or send me asks if you have questions about an item.

Other M Zero Suit Samus
Irwin Pretty Face Sailor Pluto (set complete! YAY)
SRDX Hina Ichigo (Rozen Maiden)
Display Stand
Sekiguchi Miku plush
Disney LE 17” Coronation Elsa
Disney LE 17” Winter Anna
Nobell Gundam
Saint Seiya Display Stage
3x various Doujinshi art books
Sailor Moon Sun-Star Stationary schedule book
Sailor Moon kanzenban 2014 Edition
Outer Senshi + Chibi Moon plush
2014 Compact gashapon display board + gashapon set
1990’s Chibi figure gashapon display board
3 piece Sailor Moon Bento set
Sailor Moon cutlery set
Sailor Saturn “flag” (I think it’s actually a wallscroll that never got its display poles)
Set 1 Sailor Moon gashapon
Set 2 Sailor Moon gashapon
Sailor Moon GE Animation Star Locket necklace
Sailor Moon smart phone tote bags
Versailles no Bara eyeliner and mascara set
Sailor Moon La Reconquista glow stick
Sailor Moon manga insert advertisements featuring Proplica
Princess Jellyfish (loved it)
Sherlock (it’s buried lmao)
Frozen (obsessed)
LIttle Mermaid compact mirror (above Frozen)
Tuxedo Mask Hot Topic tank top
Fall Back – ESMA (local singer)
Tokyo MewMew A La Mode omnibus
Sailor Mercury shirt from SA Illustrations (FB) and