Live Action PGSM Gashapon Set

WARNING! Photo Heavy!This review was originally posted September 6, 2013 on MFCThis review was updated October 28, 2020 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, aka PGSM or Live Action Sailor Moon is a well known adaption of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon that aired on Japanese television from October 2003 until September 2004. PGSM is usually loved forContinue reading “Live Action PGSM Gashapon Set”

Nail Collection

Japanese release date: October 2013International release date: NoneWebsite: The Miracle Romance Nail Collection is a modern day spin-off of the 90’s Crystal Star Henshin wands which first appear in the Sailor Moon R arc. While the wands in the anime and manga served solely for transformation purposes, the toys were turned into nail polishes.Continue reading “Nail Collection”