Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge

Back in May the Sailor Moon Redraw challenge resurfaced, and since I was very much trapped at home like the rest of the world, I focused some of my extra time on art.

I recently picked up a pastel, neon, metallic, glittery water colour set from Sakura Media and, well, Sailor Moon invites infinite amounts of glitter into the world. It’s basically a requirement in Sailor Moon art.

Honestly, I think the metallic sheen really adds to the piece. The sparkle in the paint, and the matte of the pencil crayon compliment each other well.

Overall I love how it turned out in the end. She’s definitely drawn in my style, the colours are rich, and the original of the final piece is a lot of fun. It’s a shame the metallic doesn’t show up as nicely digitally.

You can find this picture below in my official galleries:


Media Used:
Sakura Koi Water Colours
Prisma Colour Pencil Crayon
Liquitex Basics Acrylic

Free Comic Book Day 2014

Photo by Codie McLachlan of The Edmonton Sun

Saturday, May 3, 2014 was International Free Comic Book Day! It was also my first year not only as an artist for the event, but as an attendee! …though for the sake of argument I never got to do much attending lol. I spent all day (save for the 20 minutes I was horribly late, and a bathroom run) behind the table.

What’s really cool though is that I done some promotional work for this event! On the previous Thursday I was at Happy Harbor Comics promoing with Jay (the owner), Tracey (another artist), and some cosplayers for the event, and I was tasked with the job of drawing Ryan, one of the local hosts of Breakfast Television Edmonton, as a super hero.

Check out videos of the shenanigans here! (including embarrassing myself within the first second of me being on television lmao)

In 7 hours I dew 14 Frozen related pictures, 12 of them Elsa, and 22 pictures in total! Have a look at the ones I remembered to photograph below =)