This post is “living” and will be updated as I purchase more pencil boards. When updates add up I’ll post an update summary letting you guys know what I’ve added.

Pencil boards, or Shitajiki are B4 sized boards used for writing on. They create a hard surface in note books or stacks of paper so that the writing doesn’t transfer below, or so that the surface is not too soft. They’re often made of thin plastic, or cardboard about 1-2mm thick, and printed with images from all sorts of locations, or for all sorts of media. Sailor Moon has a LOT of them and they’re highly collectable because quite a few of them are rare. As a useable item it wasn’t uncommon to accidentally destroy something like this, and then toss it, so that makes some designs rare to find. These are also more of a 90’s and early 00’s craze than they are today (2020).

Higher Res versions of these pencil boards can be found here.