HaruFest and Updates!

This is totally not even my entire haul from Harufest 2010. I’ve also got a giant 14″ Luna plushie that’s actually dark purple! Not to mention some buttons from my friend Heather made. They’re wicked planet symbol buttons. <33

I have too be honest. Most of the items from my last update haven’t been photographed and uploaded here yet, nor have the items in this picture. BUT! I’ve got a lot of my older items updated.  For those wondering what is in this particular photo though here’s the list:

Uchiwa (Japanese fan)
Bootleg sticker set
Jumbo Cardass card
Super Sailor Chibi Moon plushie
Dream Pocket Mercury (missing tiara and am willing to buy an extra one!)
American ruled note book
Japanese Dress-up dolls
Mini colouring books
Cardass card binder (with some cards)
Smile Mag. Issue 3.9
2x Handkerchiefs
3x Pencil boards

NOT PICTURED: 14″ Luna plushie, fan buttons, Sailor Stars envelopes, Sailor Moon R note pad, and Jumbo Sailor Moon World card.

If you just look through the Sailor Moon tab there are LOADS of new items since my last update. As I said, most of them are old items, but they’re still new to the website!

Also please! If you guys are headed to a Canadian convention some time this year make sure you check out Synaptic Chaos Theater! They’re former 404 members with a new name, new games, and even better laughs!

CCEE Haul and Update

A LOT of updates have been made today since I had the day off.

I spent the weekend in Calgary, Alberta at the Calgary Comic Expo. Incredibly enough I managed to find some Sailor Moon items! One of those items was an alarm clock which can be found here. I also found a small blanket, Sailor Moon backpack, and several non-Sailor Moon items that I’m totally in love with.

The updates you can find today though are:

Accessories > Bedroom
Cosplay Toys > Charm Necklace
Media > R Uncut
Stationary > Notebooks

I’ve also split the Figurines drop down list into Japanese and N. American.

If you mess with the links you’ll notice that pages like Figurines > Japanese have nothing on them. That’s because they’re just there to separate the sections. NOT to hold content. I may update them tomorrow with links in case of a layout change one day though.

OH! And there’s also a new section! It’s called information. The basic Information page has info about me, the website, and my website images (BG and header). The Information > SM Collection Profile is my profile from Livejournal with some updates to keep it “up to date” and not always looking outdated. For example, I removed my age, and replaced it with my birthday so that I’m not 20 for the next three or four years lol.

Information > Rules are rules for how to use my images. But don’t worry! I’m not a meanie or anything lol.