Sailor Moon R: The Movie


Tomorrow is the day most Moonies have been waiting for since the beginning of the 20th Anniversary, and the announcement from Viz Media that they would be dubbing ALL of Sailor Moons classic anime and Crystal.

I am going to see Sailor Moon R: The Movie (formally Promise of the Rose) in the theatre.

(I’m Canadian, we’re a little behind ^^;)

I discovered Sailor Moon when I was young. Probably when it first began airing in Canada. Unfortunately, I discovered it at a friends house, and I didn’t have the channel it aired on, but it’s one of the few times I’ve ever said “STOP! GO BACK!” while someone else had control of the television.

There were roughly 3-5 years in there before I rediscovered Sailor Moon, and was able to watch it for myself at home. Every day after school I rushed out at 3:30 pm, in the door at 3:55 pm, GLUED TO MY TELEVISION AT 4 pm. God help anyone who tried to stop me.

It was the beginning of it all. From a couple dolls, a board game, and some bootleg stickers, to a room full of merchandise, a blog, a local Sailor Moon club, and this website. Actually, now there’s even a youtube channel. I’ve run TWO full-day events dedicated to this series, along with several years worth of panels. Most of my art is even Sailor Moon related.

My boyfriend calls me the King of Sailor Moon.

It’s safe to say Sailor Moon has had a major impact on my life.

Getting to see Sailor Moon R: The Movie on the big screen is a little intimidating. I don’t expect to be disappointed, but I do expect excitement, tears, and a lot of fun. I hope it’s as awesome to see as I’m expecting, and I hope to make some new friends. I feel like Naoko Takeuchi and Usagi would really love that.

So, Thank You, Viz Media, and Cineplex, for giving us Moonies this opportunity.