Sailor Moon Fan Art – Magical Moon Toys

If you know me pretty well you’ll likely not be surprised to know that I have a huge obsession with 2 things. Sailor Moon, and comprehensive, inclusive Sex Education.

I’m a weird and complicated woman.

For very obvious reasons I haven’t really mixed the two until recently. Honestly, I’ve had this idea for years, but I didn’t know how I wanted to execute the art without it being weird and problematic. Recently my inspiration struck HARD and these designs had to happen. First, they didn’t focus on the characters, they focused on accessories. Second, it’s like everything fell into place and I just knew what needed to happen.

I sketched out the designs and picked what I wanted to use. The anal beads are cute, but I have plans for them in the next round of designs ❤

While I transferred them to regular paper for organization and making corrections I also added a Stars design. It’s also being saved for later.

The final pieces have been coloured with water colour, and pencil crayons.

The next step was scanning them and turning them into a pattern and t-shirt design for Redbubble. I don’t have step by step process for any of this part, but the final designs are below!

Crescent Moon Wand: a vibrator with 2 silicone parts for double penetration AND bonus rabbit ears for clit stimulation.

Luna Pen: a bullet vibrator with the gem for on/off and multiple settings.

Cutie Moon Rod: a Wand Massager.

Spiral Heart Wand: Clit stimulator.

KaleidoMoon Scope Wand: Vibrating dildo with rabbit ears, and curve for g-spot stimulation.

The patterns are available on Redbubble in the colours listed below. The shirts are also backed with an outline corresponding to the colour you’re looking at.