Nail Collection


Japanese release date: October 2013
International release date: None


The Miracle Romance Nail Collection is a modern day spin-off of the 90’s Crystal Star Henshin wands which first appear in the Sailor Moon R arc. While the wands in the anime and manga served solely for transformation purposes, the toys were turned into nail polishes. It is theorized by fans that the reason the Sailor Senshi’s nails are painted during their anime transformation, only to be covered by their gloves, was to sell merchandise. Further proof in this can be found when the Outer Sailor Senshi are introduced. Their transformations include lip stick instead of nail polish, and the toy versions of their wands are lip glosses instead of nail polish.

The images above show the animated versions of the wands, the toys made in the 90’s (the wands with actual handles), and the nail polishes released in 2013 (short polishes in the box).

Initial fan reactions to these nail polishes were positive… until they seen the price tags. These retailed for 5000 yen, or about $50 USD from the P-Bandai site. Of course, to turn a profit, stores that purchased and resold these from P-Bandai listed them anywhere from $65 USD to $140 USD, making them not really worth the effort, and dropping desire for these from most international fans.

On top of that, many retailers refused to mail these to North American countries as their alcohol content was too high for certain regulations. Many fans had their parcels shipped back to the store they came from once they hit customs. I shipped mine EMS, and since customs did not search the package I did not have any issues shipping it. Alternatively, I am in Canada and I am not sure if my regulations are the same as the ones in the US.


These have appeared in magazines, and I believe in various fliers advertising P-Bandai items, but fans really done the job for these. There really isn’t much to say about the advertising on these. They were included in an invite only event in Japan for the initial unveiling of the Miracle Romance line. Attendees got to see each of the announced products in person (compact, nail polish, nail stickers (which were announced later that week), and the eyeliners), as well as try some of them in areas where there were ladies applying the nail polish, and stickers.

For the most part though, they were relatively silent.



This slip cover was a WONDERFUL surprise. It’s so pretty and delicate.


The slip cover pulls off to reveal a lovely  case that shows off each of the bottles, and a lovely Senshi and Miracle Romance inspired design on 2 opposing corners. The roses and bows are very reminiscent of both the Crystal Star compact packaging, as well as the eyeliners, but I love how they change colour and represent each of the girls.


The back of the slip cover includes ingredient listings and all of the usual warnings, as well as the TOEI sticker, 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon logo, and Miracle Romance logo.

One of the lovely touches with this packaging is that the polishes don’t slide out of the box. The window panel lifts up.

WARNING: When pulling out the nail polish do so gently to avoid hurting the package. Lift from the lower midsection of the bottles, and when the bottoms lift out, slide out the lids. The lids are hidden under the openings in the tray.


Assembly and Fit

One would assume that nail polish doesn’t really have much to assemble. Well… you’d be wrong. Technically you probably shouldn’t pull these apart, but I’m assuming that you can in the case that you run the nail polish out and manage to find a refill that fits.


If you can find a bottle that matches these then you’ll have no problem using these and being able to replace them. I suppose you could also refill the bottle after cleaning it out. To remove the bottle just lift up on the bottle while holding the plastic piece. It will feel loose, but won’t slide out all that easily. DON’T DO THIS unless you HAVE too. You risk breaking the plastic if you pull it out wrong.

The star also comes off as a ring. It’s small, and not particularly wearable on probably most North American adult fingers, but it’s plastic, cheap, and meant for the lid anyway, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Bottles – Sculpt and Paint


The bottles are super cute and detailed, maybe even slightly more than the actual artwork. I have no complaints with the bottles. They’re small, but size appropriate for what they are. The gold paint is nice and clean. The lids match most of the nail paint colours (the lids are SLIGHTLY bolder than the in-bottle paint).

There are some seam lines on the plastic casings which are kind of ugly. For the product they’re relatively ignorable, but for the price tag and a P-Bandai/CreerBeaute product they should have tried much harder.


The backs are plain.


The bottom of the containers have a sticker (detailed shot below) most likely detailing ingredients in each piece, as well as copyright. There is also a small sticker on the back of the glass bottles as well.


Nail Polish


The actual polish itself is much runnier than any typical North American nail polish I’ve ever purchased. While the colours appear bold after drying on the paper towel, I assume that it would be difficult to get a solid layer when painting on nails where it is easier for the liquid to run. When shaking the bottles to mix the polish before sampling I did not hear a mixing ball inside, so I recommend shaking them really well before use.


Another fine collectors piece from P-Bandai and the Miracle Romance line. These are most definitely display pieces as the polish appears low quality, and the bottles don’t even contain a mixing ball. Too add to that, the bottles are tiny, and not particularly readily available if one of them becomes your favourite shade (assuming they haven’t used a pre-existing shade they sell cheaper in Japan).

This is a maybe piece. If you are hell bent on collecting all of the Miracle Romance line then I say go for it! If not, and your iffy about the purchase, your collection will do just fine without it. If you’re still not convinced, whether you like the polish or not, these pieces look lovely on display.

Crystal Star Compact: Shining Moon Powder


MFC: Link
Release Dates: October 25, 2013; November 20, 2013, December 24, 2013

Purchased from:
Paid: $56 USD
When: Purchased June 2013, Received December 2013

This post was updated on November 1, 2020.

The Crystal Star Compact is used by Usagi in season 2 (R Arc) of Sailor Moon to help her transform in combination with the Silver Crystal. Traditionally in the Sailor Moon fandom merchandise of this item has sold for high prices. Being that most merchandise of this item consists of RPG toys from the 90’s, finding one in good shape and a box is difficult.

In regards to this particular Crystal Star Compact, ordering it has proven to be JUST as difficult. The compact is a P-Bandai exclusive item, but due to the popularity of the item various websites grabbed orders from P-Bandai, marked up the price, and sold it in their own shop. As demand was high it proved difficult to get on the P-Bandai website during the ordering period, and a lot of people missed out even if they had proxy services to order.

Prices have ranged from a decent 3790 yen on the P-Bandai website before taxes, to outrageous $250 USD price tags on Ebay, and scammers have been making a pretty penny offering “Pre-orders” that don’t exist and take buyers out of their time-period to dispute the stolen money.

As this item is sold out EVERYWHERE I recommend taking extra precaution if you come across a seller online. Do your research before getting scammed.

EDIT: Since this items initial release it has had several releases online, and in-store where P-Bandai cosmetics are sold (In Japan). It should be much easier to get it than when it was initially released.


If I remember correctly there was no warning when this compact appeared. The first of three listings appeared on the P-Bandai website, and all hell broke loose. It crashed the site and prompted P-Bandai to make 3 extra release dates, and a pre-order option at the Sailor Moon La Reconquista merchandise table. All of which sold out before most people could even realize they were up.

P-Bandai, during this time, set up a page for the compact which consisted mostly of this image (linked for large size) advertising what it was, the packaging, and a comparison between the bulky 90’s toy, and the sleek, smaller compact we have today.

(Header image from P-Bandai listings)


This box is flawless and fits the more adult theme of the Miracle Romance line. The pink has a soft pearl finish, and metallic foil is used for Luna and Serenity. There are lots of beautiful florals, gems, and popular motifs from Sailor Moon across all sides of the box. No side is boring. Even the back and bottom has small details that add to the aesthetic.

Assembly and Fit


There is really no assembly for this piece, but there is a button on the front of the compact for opening it and locking it shut. It holds well, and the hinge on the back of the compact is tight, so the top doesn’t just fly up. There is very little chance that if you use this compact as a regular make-up item that the lid will just pop open often, unless you wear down the hinge enough to loosen it.


The powder is covered by a plastic slip that represents the Silver Crystal and bows on the inside of Sailor Moons anime compact. It fits in nicely between the powder and the puff that sits on top of it. As a collectors item I DO NOT recommend throwing this piece out. It will be important to collectors.


Sculpt and Design


Everything about this compact depends on the lid. If the star is messed up then P-Bandai can go home with their money. Fortunately they seem dead on. I can’t complain about it at all. As a Sailor Moon fan, collector, and reviewer I have zero complaints about how the lid of the compact was designed. As a make-up compact vs a brooch that Sailor Moon would have worn on her dress it is a little bulky, but this compact is filled with make-up, instead of a mirror and stone.

While taking photographs I handled my compact as carefully as possible, and both dusted it with a camera brush, and wiped it down for finger prints with a microfiber cloth. There were no visible flaws in the moulding.

The bottom is actually quite irrelevant. In fact, the plainer the better, because the focus was on the lid and the inside.

I believe the 382 is a batch number of some sort for the make-up? I’ve seen comments from people with the same numbers, so it does not signify that you have ### out of ###. The compact was exclusive, but not seemingly limited by Bandai.


The boarder around the mirror is quite detailed and pretty. It should match the one around the 90’s compact.



BEWARE of the paint on the lids of these compacts. It is known to scratch and it’s impossible to fix. The mirroring effect is created with a special process in plant. Spray paints will not do the trick.

That said, the paint on mine is flawless. There are no scratches, no imperfections. No transfer at all.


Lets be honest. How many of us bought this or want it because of the powder?

The make-up is kind of additional for most collectors, but is also a major selling point of the new compact for Bandai. It’s important to collectors because it proves that P-Bandai wants to cater to the adult fandom.

Edit: I have since purchased a second compact to test and it is just a transparent, shimmery powder. In Japan I have seen some decent reviews for the P-Bandai line, but for North American users I would warn that Asian make-up trends are much lighter than ours. This product is not highly pigmented, but it was manufactured that way on purpose.

Identifying Bootlegs

No bootlegs for this item as of December 18, 2013. If bootlegs have been spotted please send me a PM or comment and I’ll update this section with information on how to spot the bootlegs and help you avoid getting ripped off!


This is totally of bias opinion, but I LOVE this compact. It is easily the best purchase I’ve made for my Sailor Moon collection, at less than $60. There isn’t currently another Sailor Moon Crystal Star Compact readily available that I could buy for cheaper than this, and at this level of quality.

Overall I think this is an A+ must have item for any Sailor Moon collector. If you collect RPG items you will love it!

This review was originally posted on MFC under my username Paulichu on December 18, 2013.

Star Power Prism Eyeliner

Release Date: October 2013
Website: CreerBeaute

Personal Collection Information:

Purchased from:
Collector in Japan
Paid: $72 USD + shipping
When: October/November 2013

The Star Prism Power Eyeliners are a part of the Miracle Romance line from P-Bandai’s Creer Beauty series and are part of the 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon merchandise. They come in 5 colours: Black, Brown (tea), Blue, Red and White. Black, brown, and white are adorned with silhouettes of Princess Serenity, blue with Sailor Mercury, and red with Sailor Mars, but the line has shown no sign of equivalent pieces for Jupiter or Venus yet.

I purchased mine from a lady who lives in Japan and done a group buy for some LiveJournal users. Currently the easiest, and most reliable way to purchase them is in-store. That said, P-Bandai also released 2000 pink, and 2000 blue boxes that sold online for 3465 yen a set, but contained 3 eyeliners (black or brown, red or blue, and white). The separate eyeliners retail for 1260 yen for the liquid liners, and 945 yen for the white (listed online). So the price is the same for them separately or with the limited edition boxes. They’ve also appeared on the Japanese Amazon site, as well as

Advertising and Packaging


Eyeliners were released both individually and in 2 limited edition sets containing 3 eyeliners that complimented each other. The white pencil was the only eyeliner included in both sets. Production of the boxes were limited to 2000 each, while the eyeliners themselves seem to be much more mass produced and available in stores.

Advertising for these online has been nearly completely viral marketing by fans outside of Japan. Official releases were made on Sailor Moon Channel, P-Bandai, and Creer Beaute, and that seems to be it. In Japan displays have been set up in stores selling the eyeliners, and there is also an unscanned magazine ad that has been found, but not posted in whole.

The boxes are surprisingly sturdy, although for Mercury, Mars and the White box they have a panel that bends around the box and is sealed with a tab into a slot, and a sticker. This bulges around the box, and is not flat like the black and brown boxes, so it’s possible for this part to bend and crease during shipping if not properly packaged.

The boxes on their own are beautiful, classy, and well designed, using various Art Nouveau motifs that are repeated and recoloured to represent the Senshi. The designs are surprising, considering the amount of flowers, bows, stars, pin stripes and curling girly fonts used on the box. It is overflowing with girly stereotypes, but they’re used expertly and well represent Sailor Moon, and her older fan base.

The black and brown boxes are rather large for no other reason than to make room for the outside flap on the box with additional aesthetic appeal. Be careful when opening this box style. The round 20th anniversary logo is actually a sticker holding down the flap.

The back of the boxes including the Toei stickers.

Black Liquid

Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 0.4 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
Water, (ethylhexyl acrylate / methyl methacrylate) copolymer, BG, glycerin, 1,2 – hexanediol, (acrylates / methyl styrene / styrene) copolymer ammonium, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, centifolia rose flower water, hydrolysis Silk, pentylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, ethyl hexyl glycerin, silica, carbomer, AMP, methyl paraben, phenoxyethanol, carbon black, Al

The black applicator applies REALLY well. I’ve used liquid liner before and it frustrated me a lot. This brush style was easy to use, and left a nice, thin, clean line despite my shaky hands. The container is easy and comfortable to hold

The liquid itself applied nicely and lasted through the night. I tested the water proofing both on my eyes and in the shower with just a marking on my hand. The shower test removed quite easily (although it wasn’t applied for more than 5 minutes), but the test on my eyes after all night seemed to hold well enough.

Brown Liquid

Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 0.4 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
Water, BG, (ethylhexyl acrylate / methyl methacrylate) copolymer, glycerin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, centifolia rose flower water, hydrolyzed silk, Penchirengurikoru, polyaspartic acid Na, beheneth -30, (acrylates / methyl styrene / styrene) copolymer ammonium, polyvinyl alcohol, 1,2 – hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, ethyl hexyl glycerin, TEA, silicate (Na / Mg), citric acid, silica, EDTA-2Na, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, iron oxide

The brown liner applicator and liquid match similarly to the black. The colour is a little more transparent, though application to the test strip seemed good.

Application, waterproofing, and last is comparable to the black liner.

Blue Liquid


Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 1.0 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
Water, BG, ethanol, (acrylic acid alkyl / diacetone acrylamide) copolymer AMP, (styrene / acrylic acid alkyl) ammonium copolymer, 1,2 – hexanediol, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, grape leaf extract, Penchirengurikoru, stearoxy PG hydroxyethyl cellulose sulfonic acid Na, Caprylyl glycol, ethylhexyl glycerin, carbomer, silica, AMP, benzoic acid Na, phenoxyethanol, mica, titanium oxide, Prussian blue, Al

Although I’ve only used the blue liner during opening and testing on paper and my hand I am confident in saying that this will be slightly different than using most liquid liners. It’s VERY thick, and oozes upon initial opening and pulling the liquid to the tip. It’s very bright, and the brush will help maintain decent lines.

The liquid should be usable, but I find the colour event specific. It might be better for raves or cosplay, unless you dress colourful and out there anyway. The eyeliner is not only bold in colour. It also features glitter.

I have no idea what this says,  but I thought it might be important. It’s probably just a “Caution, do not eat” label.

The blue and red eyeliners are more like paintbrushes than the black and brown, which appear to be felt tipped instead of brush.

Red Liquid


Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 1.0 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
Water, BG, ethanol, (acrylic acid alkyl / diacetone acrylamide) copolymer AMP, 1,2 – hexanediol, (styrene / acrylic acid alkyl) ammonium copolymer, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, hibiscus flower extract, Penchirengurikoru, Carbomer, Caprylyl glycol, ethylhexyl glycerin, silica, beheneth -30, polyaspartic acid Na, stearoxy PG hydroxyethyl cellulose sulfonic acid Na, AMP, EDTA-2Na, benzoic acid Na, phenoxyethanol, iron oxide, mica, Al

The red acts very much like the blue. It’s thick, but not as thick as the blue, but the colour is much more transparent. I might take multiple layers to make the colour vibrant. On my colour test strip (below) it appears a little muddy, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

White Pencil


Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 1.0 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
Methyl trimethicone, trimethyl siloxy silicate, paraffin, polyethylene, microcrystalline wax, diethylhexanoate neopentyl glycol, candelilla wax, triisostearate Poriguriseriru 2, Sorbitan sesquiisostearate, silica, tocopherol, squalene, hyaluronic acid Na, Dimethicone, BHT, mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, ultramarine blue, tin oxide[/spoiler]

I actually avoided using my white pencil because the first thing it done when I used it on the test strip was crumble. Like most art pencils, pencil eyeliners can crack when dropped, and it looks like mine did during shipping.

That said, it’s a little gritty due to the glitter/sparkle, and it’s not really white. It’s more like an off-beige with some pink when compared to the white paper (see below).

I don’t recommend shipping this if you plan on using it. It might not be worth your time.

Test Strip




The red and blue eyeliners take some messing with before you can use them. When you open them their brushes will be white and clear of the liquid.


^ Instructions:
1. Pull off the plastic tab.
2. Push down the lid.
3. Be sure it is down all of the way.

Don’t try and use your thumb like in my photos. Those were just convenient shots because I done photos and movements all alone. I recommend pushing down with the palm of your hand. It might be a little difficult.


Once the cap has been pushed down you can safely remove it. The brush will still be white and there will be no liquid yet. It is recommended that you leave the cap off during the next step.


It is recommended that you have some paper towel or tissue prepped for this step, just in case.

While holding the eyeliner with the tip facing UP twist the bottom of the container counter clockwise. This will push the liquid up into the tip. It does take quite a bit of twisting to get your liquid, but I recommend taking your time as once it DOES make it to the brush it will ooze a little.


Now your liquid eyeliner is ready to use!!

Identify Bootlegs

There are no bootleg items for this product yet.


For collectors purposes these are rather redundant unless you enjoy wearing make-up, or like the packaging/look of the items. I only recommend them if you plan on collecting most of the Miracle Romance collection, or plan on wearing them. The black has become my go-to eyeliner and doesn’t even bother my psoriasis.

This review was originally posted by me under the username Paulichu on MFC on December 3, 2013.