Figure Maniacs Manga Sailor Moon


By Bandai and Ascii Media Works

This review was originally posted on MFC 10/10/2013

The manga version of Sailor Moon is incredibly rare in figure form. There are figures that resemble the chibi versions of the characters as drawn by Naoko, but they’re still primarily based on the anime. This Sailor Moon, as made by Ascii Media Works and released under the Figure Maniacs magazine, is the only Sailor Moon figure directly based on manga art down to the style she is sculpted in. She stands approximately 5″ tall, which is just slightly taller than the average standing Sailor Moon gashapon, but she fits in a display just fine with them without looking out of place.

Sailor Moon was released in 2005 for 2,700 yen. When I purchased mine on Ebay in 2011 I purchased her for $80 with $20 flat rate shipping. This was pretty much the standard when you found these figures on Ebay for a very long time. No matter what the price, she + shipping would equal $100. Now-a-days (Oct. 2013) She tends to run for about $120 with shipping, sometimes more.

Is she worth $100 more than retail price? Lets find out!

The pictures above (click to view larger) show the small book that the figure comes with. It covers various series including all of the Sailor Moon gashapon, and various other series of Sailor Moon figures advertised throughout.

The box has virtually the same cover as the book, and is very strong. It’s made out of a thick cardboard, and I honestly wouldn’t even be worried about the figure being shipped in that alone.

Packaging is sturdy and beautiful. It’s just as nice to display the box with the figure as it is alone, although normally mine displays alone, while the box sits on a shelf.

Assembly and Fit


There are no fit issues with this figure. Everything holds together nicely, although you may have to adjust her on her base once every few months. While there are no leaning or warping issues in the plastic she may pull forward slowly over time.

Sculpting & Pose

If they were to pick any pose for manga Sailor Moon to stand in this HAD to be it. It’s iconic to both the anime and the manga, but the leg positions are almost manga specific, and recognizable for fans.

The sculpt is great. Besides a few hardly noticeable seam lines around her neck and legs the only real issue with the sculpt is the massive size of her hands. While it’s not particularly noticeable on display, once it’s pointed out or noticed it’s hard to stop seeing it (I’m so sorry). Don’t let it detract from the figure though. Her hands are still well sculpted, and the rest of her is still beautiful, especially for her tiny size.



A minor paint flaw at a seam line in her boot.


Some small flaws on her skirt at the waist trim.


A beautiful paint job on her face. It really gives her character.

Her collar could have been cleaner, but it’s not terribly noticeable.

Beautiful paint transitions in her hair from blonde to white.


The base is fine in general. It’s basic and cute, but the leg support DOES leave some dents in the plastic. Thankfully it hasn’t removed any paint. These marks are NOT noticeable to the regular viewer. You have to remove her from the base and view her in good light to see the ones on mine. I do recommend avoiding adjustments as much as possible if you can.

Identify Bootlegs

There are no bootlegs for this figure as of October 2013! Please contact me if you think you’ve identified a bootleg.

Over all

Personally this figure was a benchmark in my collection. She was a grail piece despite her common status several years ago mostly because of the price tag. As a collector she is one of my favourite pieces ever released and regularly holds a featured spot in my displays.


A Taste of Animethon and the mail

So I haven’t updated in ages (again), but I’ve added and edited plenty of things on the website. One day I should begin taking photos of my Disney stuff before I have waaay to much of it. Oh right, too late XD

With the Italian revival of Sailor Moon I’ve bought some items from a seller on Livejournal who has been kind enough to send them to people looking. What I’m really hoping for is to find some of these dolls at conventions. Probably not much of a chance of that though. Not with the shipping cost.

Anyways, here’s my haul from the last week.

This has been a lot of fun. Last Saturday was A Taste of Animethon. While there I picked up the Mokona plush ($15), and the key chain set ($20). Then on Monday (Valentines day!) I got the large Sailor Saturn kit in the mail. This is her fully painted, but I’ve yet to finish her base or glaive… so it’s a sneak peek for you. Picked her up from for $35. Then I got the Venus pin, El key chain, Mercury and Venus plush plus 2 key chain plush (not pictured) for $25 including shipping from Fairyland on Ebay. They had a sale I caught the end of. The Small Saturn gashapon was bought from a user on and I got her for a steal! She was only $25 (saying only for a figurine that size is painful lol). The manga was advertised as Sailor Moon #1, but it’s actually Sailor Moon S #1… and yes there is a difference for you non Moonies. Thankfully I didn’t have it and it was only $5, despite going on Ebay for $45 right now ❤ The Tangled folder in the back contains lithographs that you get from the Disney Store when you pre-order the DVD there. We also preordered the special edition doll.

I’m SO excited!!!

Along with all of this I have two Italian posters on the way and I’m waiting to be able to pay for a set of Italian dolls. Their international shipping is killing me. It costs more to ship than the actual dolls cost.

I’m going to end this with some updated collection photos for you 😉 Click for bigger shots.

HaruFest and Updates!

This is totally not even my entire haul from Harufest 2010. I’ve also got a giant 14″ Luna plushie that’s actually dark purple! Not to mention some buttons from my friend Heather made. They’re wicked planet symbol buttons. <33

I have too be honest. Most of the items from my last update haven’t been photographed and uploaded here yet, nor have the items in this picture. BUT! I’ve got a lot of my older items updated.  For those wondering what is in this particular photo though here’s the list:

Uchiwa (Japanese fan)
Bootleg sticker set
Jumbo Cardass card
Super Sailor Chibi Moon plushie
Dream Pocket Mercury (missing tiara and am willing to buy an extra one!)
American ruled note book
Japanese Dress-up dolls
Mini colouring books
Cardass card binder (with some cards)
Smile Mag. Issue 3.9
2x Handkerchiefs
3x Pencil boards

NOT PICTURED: 14″ Luna plushie, fan buttons, Sailor Stars envelopes, Sailor Moon R note pad, and Jumbo Sailor Moon World card.

If you just look through the Sailor Moon tab there are LOADS of new items since my last update. As I said, most of them are old items, but they’re still new to the website!

Also please! If you guys are headed to a Canadian convention some time this year make sure you check out Synaptic Chaos Theater! They’re former 404 members with a new name, new games, and even better laughs!