Pojo’s World Sailor Moon Special Edition

Published: H&S MediaRelease: 2000Status: UnofficialPaid: $6 Pojo’s World, while once a published magazine, is now a website dedicated to card games. According to their website they’ve been around since 1998, but today they focus on the popular card game series, and their old skool message forum. In 2000 they printed a Special Edition magazine dedicatedContinue reading “Pojo’s World Sailor Moon Special Edition”

Figure Maniacs Manga Sailor Moon

By Bandai and Ascii Media Works This review was originally posted on MFC 10/10/2013 The manga version of Sailor Moon is incredibly rare in figure form. There are figures that resemble the chibi versions of the characters as drawn by Naoko, but they’re still primarily based on the anime. This Sailor Moon, as made byContinue reading “Figure Maniacs Manga Sailor Moon”