International Sailor Moon Day

#InternationalSailorMoonDay on August 15th was a success! The Edmonton event page listed an awesome 360 people RSVP’d, but FB nature aside, we got roughly 45-50 people at the event. I never quite kept track because I was busy running everything, but all of my bracelets disappeared, so that helped keep count.

Because I was so busy I’m gonna do an awful lot of Twitter linking. Forgive me XD. Next year I’ll bug someone to take pictures for me.

The event was held at Happy Harbor, located downtown, just a week after Animethon. Though events started late we kicked things off with a colouring table, and the first few episodes of Viz Media’s Sailor Moon dub to keep people busy while I set up.

We also kept a small photo booth with props during the event. If you took photos in the hand made photo booth I set up please feel free to post the photos to Twitter and Instagram tagged #ISMD and #YEGISMD! I keep checking back for new pictures as I know there were many taken, but not a lot posted.

Snacks were provided by the wonderful KitchChick! I could have eaten her entire stock. So good. Contact her on Facebook if you’re interested! I know she had a bunch in the freezer.

Advertisement by KitchChick

After a bit of information about Sailor Moon news and merchandise we dove into some Sailor Moon trivia! The prizes were Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly’s, and Sailor Moon Tablet cases. Congrats to the winners! We stumped you on a couple, but you were all really knowledgeable!

The evening ended with a showing of Sailor Moon R The Movie: Promise of the Rose in Japanese!

Thank you to everyone who came out! I’m really looking forward to planning for next year, and I’ll be sure to have some cool stuff prepared. Maybe if we’re lucky it’ll fall on Animethon weekend? I wanna make one of those Instagram signs for everyone to take pictures in 😀

LGN Sailor Moon Crystal Screening in YEG

If you’re local to Edmonton and area, and can make it out to Happy Harbor Comics for a few hours of Sailor Moon fun, the next Lady Geeks uNite (LGN) meeting is September 4th, 2014. I’ll be kicking off the night with a brief summary of Sailor Moon’s history, and her impact on Pop Culture today, and then HH & LGN will be screening the current episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Join us Lady Moonies as we geek out over our favourite Champion of Justice!

Details for the event can be found here on Facebook.

Heads up! This is a LADIES Geek Night. If you are not a lady then you must be the guest of a lady attendee.

You can catch up with us on the 4th and then view the 5th episode in the series on September 6th on for free if you’re in Canada or the US. Sailor Moon Crystal can also be found on Hulu, Neon Alley, and NicoNico (in various languages!).