Custom Hot Topic Exclusive Sailor Moon Funko Pop

It’s a mouthful! I know!

When the Sailor Moon Funko Pops came in there were several things I needed to do… and they all involved painting customs.

At first, I painted just Sailor Moon’s hair.


She turned out pretty cute, eh? See some process pictures below. I painted her hair white pearl, and added gold enamel to the gold details (her wand, tiara, and earrings).

That got me thinking. Maybe I should try customizing another one? I could sell it at my Artist Alley tables!


It started with disassembling each figure and priming them! At this point I had no intention of painting anything more than blush on her face.


Priming is always my least favourite part of the process. I mean, it’s a start, but it’s just not as cool. There aren’t any details. No colours!


It was at this point that I noticed the HORRIBLE texture in Sailor Moon’s boot from over spray of the sealant, or the paint, potentially while something was drying. The good boot is from a different body, and that’s what it SHOULD look like.

This meant that that body would need to be repainted… I’ll be honest, that won’t be a part of this post. I haven’t finished that figure yet.


Would you like to make a contract? XD I decided to paint Sailor Moon’s eyes realistically! It started out a little creepy. I thought I was gonna have to call in Homura to take care of the problem.


This process turned out to be WAY more delicate than I originally thought. I spent HOURS carefully colouring layer upon layer of water colour pencil on sealant, and realized when I moved onto another project that all I needed to do was lightly WET the water colour pencil. Whoops! Learning curves. I still like the effect I managed to achieve, and will keep it in mind for future projects.


Happy accident! I got some glitter from the gold enamel in her sealant when I washed my brush off in the same water. It frustrated me, but everyone seems to like it XD.

I also upped the blush on her cheeks with soft pastel.


This isn’t a completed picture yet, but I assembled her without glue to see how she looked before I finished her odango and tails. Uh… SUPER cute! I’m SO happy with those eyes!

I didn’t photograph it, but while working on her I added soft pastel to her hair and left it matte.

The Finished Piece

You may notice that my box is autographed! So far she has Tracey Moore, Jill Frappier, and Linda Ballantyne. The finished photos are also sliiiightly different. The pictures above are for 3 different custom Sailor Moon Funko Pops. The main one in the custom was a commission for someone who didn’t appreciate it, and I wanted one for myself, so I’m updating with pictures of mine. Hope you like her!