Luna 2 Shot Edition

Release Date: January 10, 2020
Banpresto/Bandai Spirits
Series: Girls Memories; 2 Shot
Height: 25 cm (9.843″)
MFC: Link

This plush was very difficult to track down information for. A lot of sales post incorrectly label the series as “2nd” Shot, but it’s actually “2 Shot.” This year has actually dragged on for so long I thought maybe she released several years ago and was shocked when I went onto the Girls Memories site to find that she only released in January.

There is a matching Artemis to Luna, but I have not yet purchased him. My Luna came from a Facebook Marketplace post for a price that was impossible to pass up, so Artemis will have to join her another day.


I currently do not own any advertising for this line. Below are official images released for the plushies.


I’m fairly certain this plush might have come wrapped in the plastic bag, but that the sticker is from Toreba and their online claw game website. On the Girls Memories website she is mentioned as being for sale there.


Lunas pose is not much different from most any plushies released in the 20th-25th Anniversary merchandise. It’s just a simple sitting pose. Because of how similar most of these plushies have been I haven’t been very interested in purchasing them, and I mostly snagged this one for the good deal. But she sits nicely on her own, and I like that her tail is sewn to sit to her side, and is not just straight. The curve makes her a little more interesting.

Embroidery, Accessories, & Stitching

Luna’s details are quite high quality. Her stitching is very strong, embroidery is VERY clean, and, unlike 90’s plushies, the details are sewn on instead of hot glued. I expect Luna will hold up for years with simple display, but will also be durable for a child to cuddle.


The hanging tag for this series is quite cute with artwork that looks almost water coloured, but might be digital air brushing instead. If I’m not mistaken, I think I’ve seen that line art brush used by artists who use Procreate.


Prize plushies are so different from the ones I am use to buying from the Sailor Moon franchise, or even seeing in North American crane machines. It’s a great different though, because the quality is ridiculously higher.

While for overall quality I highly recommend this Luna Plush, I suggest you look up the different variations. There are plenty of releases that look similar to her, and have a darker fur, or blue eyes. While she’s cute, the only thing vastly original about this release is her neck decoration of a flower and ribbon. Other releases include a pink ribbon, or a variety of ribbons, so if you just want one, there are plenty. If you are a completionist… uh… good luck distinguishing them all when you’re trying to remember what you own.