Animethon 2022!

Welcome back to the blog! I uh… am very aware that I keep making “Happy New Year” posts and then disappearing, but I promise you, it was because I had to move ASAP, start a business course, start a business, plan a convention, get a job, and then catch COVID first LOL.

That’s right, it’s been a BUSY 8 months for me, and TBH for some of it I’m not even sure how I made it out with my sanity. SOMEHOW in all of that I planned a vendor hall for Animethon and got the lucky opportunity to host Edmonton Gunpla Builders beside our booths. For the weekend they held contests, workshops, and a wonderfully awesome Gunpla display! They put the call out in one of our meetings for kits made by Bandai, and I admittedly misheard but approached them about a Sailor Moon display for the 30th Anniversary. A Bandi display wouldn’t be THAT hard, right?

Well, it is once you start accounting for all of the smaller companies they own and that it ESPECIALLY will be when half of your collection is still in boxes and you left packing for the night before you leave for the hotel.

Thankfully everything turned out beautifully! Unfortunately, I was unable to print out a write-up on it because of how busy I was and some people mistook it for an official display, but nope! This is 100% my personal collection. But I’m flattered some people might have mistaken it for a Bandai display.

Despite being Vendor Coordinator for the event there wasn’t a whole lot of Sailor Moon in the hall that I didn’t already have, so I don’t really have a haul, but I did manage to snag the Sailor Mercury Q-Posket A version (Little Star Gifts), and some PVC magnets from Monogram (Star Cast Anime).

Hopefully, I’ll get to do more next year. The crew said everyone loved my display and invited me to display with them at other events. So check back for updates on that! Also check below for a new wallpaper if you have dual monitors 😉

Animethon 22 Post-Con Update!

Animethon 22 was a huuuge success! This year I volunteered in a staff position, shared an Artist Alley table with Semajz, and ran 3 panels! It was honestly a little over whelming, but I made it through lol.

Check out the bottom of the post for pictures from the event!


…was the test run for the weekend lol. James and I set up our table, I grabbed my passes, ran down to the vendors, kept my table going, and ran my How to Spot Bootlegs panel! The panel was a huge success and I might be running it elsewhere because of that. Everyone seemed to love the info that I had to share with them, and I even seen some surprised faces in the crowd when I provided some facts.

Managed to make it through Friday without spending money!! …and then parking cost me $28. Who thought that was reasonable?!


…was the day I feared. Along with my staff position I had my table, and TWO panels!

My morning was BUSY. We re-positioned our art on our display to better display some new pieces, I raided the vendors, and sold some art!

My first panel of the day was at 3:30pm in building 9. My Sailor Moon Panel! The room was nearly full, so I’d hazard a guess of about 70 people showed up. We laughed, we cried (over pretty things), and had a good laugh. The panel was wonderful and I can’t wait for it every year.

Panel 2 was a Sailor Moon Trivia panel I ended up taking over for my friend Beth, with my friend Alison. Beth couldn’t make it, and Alison and I had never run a trivia panel before… soooo this one was interesting. It was mostly crazy chaos lmao, but we got a winner who kicked everyone’s butts, and was even dressed as her prize (a Girls Memories chibi Saturn).


It’s always sad when you reach convention wind down day. Everyone is out shopping for good deals, going to panels they decided on last minute, and saying goodbye to friends as we pack up and leave for the weekend.

Thankfully Sunday was fairly easy going for me. I just sat, sold art, and checked out vendors one last time.

Animethon is the convention that doesn’t seem to end for me. When I go back it feels like we never left the previous year. It’s great! the community is welcoming, everyone has fun, it has dramas, but never anything too horrible. Here’s hoping I can go back next year!

Up Next!

Tomorrow, August 15th, is International Sailor Moon Day! I’ll be hosting my own event in Edmonton, Alberta at Happy Harbor Comics.

September 25-27 is also the Edmonton Expo! Feel free to check out my panels (still pending approval) and my artist alley table!

Animethon 22

Sailor Moon ad

Hey guys!

Animethon 22 is August 7-9 in Edmonton, Alberta, and I’m gonna be involved in a lot!

Artist Alley

First I’ll be in the Artist Alley at table 15 with my friend James. We’ll have LOTS of art you’ll enjoy, and we’d love it if you stopped by to say hello.

Next I’ll have several panels going on the weekend.

How to Spot Bootlegs

…is a walk through and Q&A about… how to identify bootlegs! lol. There will be pictures, and examples, as well as more information than you can handle! Check it out on Friday before the vendor hall opens!

Sailor Moon Panel

…will be my usual run down of news, merchandise, and a look at some of the new stuff up close and personal. Due to the fact that I am moving the week before my selection may be small or none. Sorry guys D= I’ll do what I can!

Sailor Moon Trivia

…is not my panel. It’s by my friend Beth, and I’ll be helping out! Come test your knowledge of Sailor Moon 😉

That’s it for now! Check back for updates, or check the Animethon schedule for times when it’s released =)

Animethon 21

A weekend ago was Animethon 21! The convention that started it all for me turned legal everywhere, and boy did they kick butt.

Events kicked off with the Vendors Hall and Artist Alley opening up on Friday instead of their usual Saturday/Sunday only. The Artist Alley was moved into a spacious cafeteria section of the Robinson Health Centre across the street from the main building. Thankfully they also moved the registration into this building, so no one really had issues finding us.


My artwork is on the right, and my table buddy, James, is on the left. We split the space for the weekend to save on costs, and so we could always keep the table running. It was a SUPER successful event… though I think I need to sleep for the next decade hahaha.

On Friday Animethon held their first Moonlight Masquerade Ball. I went as Princess Mercury… but I’m not showing off pictures because I honestly hate every picture I’m in. I did NOT photograph well this weekend XD. The ball went over beautifully. Everyone was well dressed, the masks were beautiful, the music was perfect, and it was really everything I hoped it would be.

Saturday was artist alley and panel day. Honestly, I’ve never been so fricken busy lol.  The panel went wonderfully, and everyone seemed to have fun. I got stuck doing it in my cosplay, but oh well XD. There will be video of the panel when my friend can get the files back to me.

Sunday was the last day. I mostly stayed in the Alley, but it was also my last chance to get autographs from Cristina Vee and Cherami Leigh (the new Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus!). Sadly Cherami had to leave and catch her flight just before I got to her table, so I got Cristina to sign my advertisement binder (a GE Animation binder that I use for my fliers).

Here’s my haul! (click on the images to see them full sized).

AToA 2014



AToA has updated with panel information!

Event: Sailor Moon Anniversary Event
Day: Sat February 1, 2014
Time: 20:00-21:00
Room: Courtyard A

To kick off the 2014 convention season I will have an artist alley table at A Taste of Animethon 2014, and, at some point, I’ll be hosting my next Sailor Moon panel. Unfortunately the schedule isn’t done yet, so I don’t know what time my panel will be, but I’ll update closer to the event.

If you’re interested in my table I’ll be carrying whats in my Etsy, as well as taking commissions. I might also have some hand painted figures and items there as well. Unfortunately, I cannot resell old merchandise at an AA table, so official merchandise will have to wait for a future event. In the mean time though, I will be accepting cash and credit at the event! Paypal MIGHT be an option. Or you can purchase through Etsy!

My Sailor Moon panel will run for 1 hour at which ever time it is scheduled. Please get there early if you wish to attend. My Animethon 20 panel nearly filled a Grant MacEwan theater room, and I expect to see lots of people here as well. Along with a slide show I’ll have a small display of both old and new Sailor Moon items related to the anniversary events.

Here’s to a great 2014 convention season!