Eternal Sailor Moon Bootleg

Manufacturer: FW
Series: None
Year: 2008
Origin: China
Status: Bootleg
Set: None
Height: 12″
Arm Span: 9″
Pig Tail lengths: 7″

Paid: $14.99
From: Warp I (2010)

Oddly enough the newer the plushies from FW get, the more accurate they get. This particular plushie is quite accurate, but the blue parts of her fuku are now coloured black, and her ribbons oddly extend from the sides of her legs, instead of below her wings.

With tradition of the last few Usagi/Sailor Moon plushies her odango are flat, not stuffed, although her pig tails are. Her front bow, collar, feather hair clips, and odago covers are all printed to the fabric that she is made out of.

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3 thoughts on “Eternal Sailor Moon Bootleg

  1. I have this one, too. Didn’t know she was a bootleg! Still, she holds a special place in my heart because she was a going away present from my hubby when he left for boot camp (ironic?) Plus, she’s cute!


    1. Yea, there’s an aweful lot of bootleg plush, but they’re all made by this FW company. All this company produces is bootleg, but they always tag their plush with the same tags, so they’re identifiable.


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