Manufacturer: Banpresto
Series: School Girls RII (R references the season)
Year: 1994
Origin: Japan
Status: Official
Set: 2/8
BSM-18, BSM-19, BSM-20, BSM-21, BSM-22, BSM-23, BSM-24, BSM-25.
Specifications:Plushies depicting the senshi in their civilian form with something school related that pertains to them. Usagi holding a bad scoring test, Ami holding a book, Rei holding her scroll, Makoto with her lunch bag, Minako holding a volley ball, Chibi Usa holding Luna P. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are also included in the set, but do not hold any items.
Paid: $5 each ($10 total)
From: Ami from Kotohime @ Livejournal
Makoto from Magical Girl on Ebay.

These plushies appear to hold well together and are quite accurate. They depict the Senshi as civilians as they appear in the R arch after Chibi Usa appears.