Bootleg Cats

Regardless of how cute or high quality these plushies are, they are also bootlegs. I’ve decided to give them their own section as there are quite a few popping up now, and I would like for other collectors who don’t know, to find out faster than dragging their cursor through a massive list of mixed plushies.

This is the latest Luna bootleg. She’s approx. 14″ tall, and a much darker purple than the past bootlegs which are arguably Diana instead. This particular plushie cost $25.

Another bootleg plushie, this one is from 2008. There is debate as to whether she is Luna or Diana. I’ve personally always felt that she was Diana. This one measures about 6″ tall and costs approx. $15 at conventions. I got her at the Calgary Comic Expo in 2010.

This plushie is similar to the one above, only she measures to be about 14″ tall, and her proportions are similar to the Luna, although there are no tags on the Luna to tell whether they are from the same maker (I don’t believe they are).  This Diana is slightly lighter than the smaller version, but the photo exaggerates this a little bit. This particular plushie was a gift from my fiancee, but costs about $25 to purchase at conventions.

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