Miracle Romance Line


The Miracle Romance line is a line of cosmetics from Premium Bandai on their CreerBeaute site for older/adult fans of the series. It premiered with the Miracle Romance Crystal Star Compact, released in September 2013, containing face powder, and extended into nail polish, eyeliner, and fake nails. The line is a little on the expensive side, but not overly unaffordable.

You can view the entire Miracle Romance line on MyFigureCollection.net here.

Click the images to go to the corresponding post with information and my thoughts on each piece.

To be Added:

Prism Eyeliner Part 2
Rainbow Moon Chalice Blush
Crisis Locket Powder
Henshin Brooch Makeup Powder (Season 1 locket)
Sailor Neptune and Uranus Lip Cream Rod

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