SMW Series 5

Series: Sailor Moon World 5
Release Year:
Status: Bootleg and Official
Paid: Approx. $54 (bought in parts)

This is my series 5 set. ALL figurines are bootleg, except for Chibi Usa and Hotaru. I bought those both separately online. I believe I may have paid $20 for the bootleg half of the set, and $8-$10 for both Usa and Hotaru.

Because of the mix in this set I will refrain from making an actual review. I would, however, be interested in purchasing figurines that I do not have in this set.

*UPDATE* I have since purchased Rei, Ice cream Usagi and Ami separately from AinominaP on Livejournal. These figurines are MUCH nicer than the bootleg versions. Just wanted to leave a note saying I paid $24 including shipping for the three of them. Highly suggest them. Ice cream Usagi is so much nicer in the official version.