Irwin Dolls

Dolls: Sailor Mini Moon, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune
Located:Edmonton Comic and collectible Toy Show (March 2011), Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (June 2011)
Origin: Canada
Series: Deluxe Action Dolls (light blue boxes)
Total Cost: $160

I think I was ripped off on these to some extent, but when I factor in shipping costs for something as large as a doll box then I don’t feel so bad. These three dolls were bought from the same vendor, and as I’ve purchased from him several times before he normally gives me a deal on his original price. I don’t mind his prices. He delivers good merchandise, some of which come from his personal collection.

These Irwin dolls are great. They’re accurate, beautiful and lovely to display. Granted, Neptunes base is the standard base for all of these dolls. Her shoes don’t sit as well in them since her feet are raised higher by her heels. She leans back or forwards and it’s hard to balance her without her looking awkward.

I am willing to buy more from this series in or with box or MIB. Must contain all pieces.

More pictures to come.

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