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Sailor Moon


Hi there! My name is Pauline aka Linepau1, aka MoonFigures, and I’ve been a hardcore Sailor Moon fan for what seems like forever. My collection officially began in about 2006 when I joined the local convention scene, although I had a small collection of toys, puzzles, and dolls as a kid. I really dived in after joining my anime conventions Artist Alley and gained better access to art and merchandise.

You’ll find my collection is varied. While I try to buy new items from Japan, I also work hard to thrift Sailor Moon from buy and sell, or actual thrift stores. I also restore items I thrift to either best as-is condition, or full on customization.

My favourite item to collect is advertising. I own hundreds of pamphlets, and cardboard advertisements for the series, but you’ll see quite easily that close second is cosmetics and related accessories. They’re front and center in my collection, and I am a Moonie who likes to accessorize.

Enjoy the Collection!


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