Since 2013 I’ve hosted a small list of panels related to Sailor Moon, and anime merchandise collecting. If you would like to contact me about hosting a panel at your event please feel free to contact me at linepaw at hotmail dot com to discuss the details.

Panels I’m Offering:

Sailor Moon Anniversary Panel

A panel that covers the most recent news in the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary revival in Japan, and all around the world. I normally start off with a short summary of how it began, and go into recent anime, musical, and merchandise announcements. The panel ends with a small piece on safe places to find and buy this merchandise, and a Q&A.

Panels within Alberta will include a display of 10 or so Sailor Moon merchandise pieces from my collection. Panels outside of Alberta may request it.

Panel Run Time: 1-2 hours (2 hrs pref.)
Panel Requirements: Laptop hook ups, Screen display, Audio hook ups.

Feminism in Sailor Moon

Exactly what it sounds like. A rundown of feminism in Sailor Moon.

Panel Run Time: ?
Panel Requirements: Laptop hook ups, Screen Display, Audio hook ups.

How to Shop

A panel that specifically covers Japanese or North American online and physical shops that are safe to purchase from without worry of being ripped off, or sold bootlegs. This will cover not just the shop, but any special options the shop has to offer (ex. pay now vs later, HLJ’s Private Warehouse, or payment options).

Panel Run Time: 1 hour
Panel Requirements: Laptop hook ups, Screen display, OPTIONAL: Internet Access (using the sites, vs using a power point)

How to Identify Bootlegs

A tutorial slide show on the different ways to tell what merchandise is commonly bootlegged and sold online and in a vendors hall. Good for collectors AND staff members who are looking to better their knowledge in the con vendor hall.

Note: Available outside the convention at special request for convention staff who want to tidy up their vendor halls.

Panel Run Time: 1 hour (can extend at request, or for Staff panels)
Panel Requirements: Laptop Hook ups, Screen Display

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