Jocelyne Loewen

Who: Jocelyne Loewen
Known to me as:
Merle in Vision of Escaflowne
Chloe in Stargate SG-1
Where we met: Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2010
Autograph Fee: Free!
More: IMDB | Wiki

Jocelyne was a pleasure to meet. When I first found her table it wasn’t because I noticed her lovely blond hair, it was because she was seated next to Scott McNeil and his line up was what looked like a mile long. She was sitting quietly at her table with a bright smile on her face watching his insane energy work wonders on everyone he met.

We spoke for a bit about Escaflowne, the Barbie movie series, and how much fun it was to play on Stargate SG-1 and I managed to get her autograph on both my Escaflowne box set, and SG-1 box set episode guide.

If you ever see her attending your local con I highly recommend visiting her. She’s such a sweet heart and just SO adorable. You will leave her booth feeling just a bit lighter and happier.