By Me

These are custom painted garage kit figurines. They normally come in several different pieces and without paint on them, so the artist must prep, prime, paint and seal the figurines for sell or display. Some artists even create bases for their figurines to stand on.

I buy my figurines for and take commissions on figurines.


Hand Painted Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn is a recast kit from She’s approximately 23 cm tall and entirely hand painted with a brush. I used acrylic craft paint (metallic for anything purple) and both matte and gloss varnish.

The base is created entirely from scratch, but only took about 2 hours. It is made with a mirror base from Michaels craft store which is then painted with white, light blue, and light green acrylic for a water/ice feel. I was going more for ice, so once my base colour was down I sort of dry brushed for a frosty look. At this point I painted over it with a gloss varnish. This can be done when the paint is dry, but I painted mine while it was still a little wet so that my brush picked up some paint and helped add to the frosted look. Then I laid down strips of hot glue to appear like icicles. Some photos make them appear as cracks, but the glue lays on top of the mirror. There are no cracks. Once the “ice” is laid in a way that I like I began painting it again with white paint. The last layer is varnished to seal it and the figure was glued on.

Click on the image to see the deviantArt page for more information.

Custom Super Sailor Chibi Moon

This is a custom figurine that I built out of bootleg Sailor Moon World gashapon. It is based off of an adult version of chibi Moon that appears in the SuperS arch of Sailor Moon where one of the Amazon Quartet turns Usagi into a child, and Chibi Usa into a teenager. While I did use a Black Lady head for the figure I absolutely adore this particular version of Chibi usa and wish we had seen more of her. This is sort of a tribute.

Click on the image to see the deviantArt page for more information.

Custom Painted Chibi Usa

This is a hand painted garage kit of Sailor Moon R Chibi Usa. Whether the figurine is official or not I am unsure of, but she stands approx. 4″ in height, and holds her Luna P. Without Luna P she does not stand up.

Click on the image to see the deviantArt page for more information.

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