Cosplay Toys

Miracle Romance

Twin Lipcream Rods (Uranus and Neptune)

Prism Stationary

Season 1 Transformation Sticks
Star Transformation Sticks and Cutie Moon Rod Pointer Set (Pre-Order)

MoonLight Memories

Cosmic Brooch Compact Mirror
Luna Pen
Star Locket (Pre-order)
Star Locket Pink (Pre-order)


Moon Stick
Cutie Moon Rod

Sailor Sisters Collection

Sunrise Luna P Cushion


Set 1 Can Wands
Prism Power Dome
20th Anniversary Compacts
Capsule Goods Set 1

90’s Nostalgia




Luna Pen
Star Locket
Pink Moon Wand
Spiral Heart Wand (Plush)
Serenity Heart Compact

Candy Toys

Cutie Moon Rod Large
Cutie Moon Rod Small
Pink Moon Wand