Sailor Moon

1535431_10151820189526691_373293519_n(Taken January 2014)

Although I’ve been a hardcore Sailor Moon fan for what seems like forever my collection only began in about 2006-2007. Even though I previously owned and had been buying items, they were mostly bootleg items like key chains just for decoration purposes.

My REAL collection started when I began conventioning and joining the Sailor Moon community online. But what really started it all was the North American blue boxed Cutie Moon Rod. Although it was one of the items I sold off, I recently happily regained it.

Most of my collection holds plushies, figurines, and odds and ends.  At some point I deviated from the things I wanted to collect, and started picking up items that I thought were priced decently. Oops! The result has become so overwhelming that I found a need to document the items I have, hence, the website. The hope is that my photographs will be of use to not only me, but others who would like to know more about their items or items they wish to purchase.

Please feel free to browse the site and leave comments on the blog if there are certain photos you would like to see or if you would like a video of the item if it makes sounds or certain actions.

Enjoy the Collection!


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