Sailor Moon Advertising

Hey There Sports Fans! I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve spent the last 4 days working on a project for you all. I’ve been scanning my Sailor Moon advertising collection. The link will live on this page, but for now you can get to it by click on the image below. I hopeContinue reading “Sailor Moon Advertising”

Sailor Pluto Amie-Grand Garage Kit

By: Amie-Grand Artist: Minatogawa Amaha Scale: 1/6 This Sailor Pluto kit has by far been one of my biggest challenges since starting garage kits. Having mailed her out only a few weeks ago and looking back I know I learned a lot, but I know I’m ready for much more challenging pieces because of it.Continue reading “Sailor Pluto Amie-Grand Garage Kit”

Sailor Moon Petit Deluxe

Japanese release date: September 29, 2015 International release date: Website: MFC The Petit Deluxe series seems to be a new series to replace Bandai’s Chibi-Arts. Following a similar, but larger design to their Petit Chara Land and Petit Chara figures, it’s still allows for interchangeable alternate pieces, and face plates! Sailor Moon, the firstContinue reading “Sailor Moon Petit Deluxe”

20th Anniversary Bag Charms

Japanese release date: December 2013 International release date: None Website: MFC: Crystal Star | Crisis Brooch | Sailor Pluto Chibi Usa The bag charms released in 2013 were some of the first accessories we seen from the 20th Anniversary. They featured a string of the Inner Senshi symbols accompanied by the Crystal Star compact,Continue reading “20th Anniversary Bag Charms”

Tamashii Buddies Sailor Moon Figures – Inner Senshi

Japanese release date: April 2015 International release date: May 2015 Website: “Tamashii Buddies” is a new line of figures from Bandai that are meant to be affordable. Consider them a “Pop” figure from Japan. They’ll range around $10-$15, come in generic packaging, come in a generic pose that matches the rest of the characterContinue reading “Tamashii Buddies Sailor Moon Figures – Inner Senshi”

Sunrise Luna P Cushion

Released: November 2014 Item Wiki: Luna P Item MFC Marketing Luna P is one of the first items being released in a series of Sailor Moon items called the “Sailor Sisters Collection”. It really only had one ad released (Below), but marketing went pretty viral because this is the first 1:1 scale Luna P everContinue reading “Sunrise Luna P Cushion”

Kotobukiya Cu-Poche Dark Magician Girl

This review was originally posted on MFC by me on October 21, 2013 Every popular series has that one character or item that everyone recognizes and maybe even collects, despite having never seen the series, or knowing much about the character. Dark Magician Girl is one of those characters/things. She is not a character inContinue reading “Kotobukiya Cu-Poche Dark Magician Girl”

Figure Maniacs Manga Sailor Moon

By Bandai and Ascii Media Works This review was originally posted on MFC 10/10/2013 The manga version of Sailor Moon is incredibly rare in figure form. There are figures that resemble the chibi versions of the characters as drawn by Naoko, but they’re still primarily based on the anime. This Sailor Moon, as made byContinue reading “Figure Maniacs Manga Sailor Moon”

Sailor Moon Megahouse Petit Charaland Assembly and Comparison Video

Bonus Video Time!! Last month I purchased the Limited Edition Petit Charaland figures from Megahouse, and I thought I’d use the opportunity to explain how to assemble these figures properly, as well as compare them a little. Excuse the phone video quality ;_;. It’s all I have for now lol.

Live Action PGSM Gashapon Set

WARNING! Photo Heavy!This review was originally posted September 6, 2013 on MFCThis review was updated October 28, 2020 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, aka PGSM or Live Action Sailor Moon is a well known adaption of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon that aired on Japanese television from October 2003 until September 2004. PGSM is usually loved forContinue reading “Live Action PGSM Gashapon Set”