The Dua Lipa Video is Not Animated to Look Like Sailor Moon

There’s a new magical girl in town and for some reason everyone is talking about how cool it is that her new music video is animated to look like Sailor Moon. There’s just one problem. It’s not. It’s no secret that Dua Lipa is a bit of a nerd. In 2019 she released “Swan Song”Continue reading “The Dua Lipa Video is Not Animated to Look Like Sailor Moon”

ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops

Release Date: 2020Manufacturer: ROHTOWebsite: ROHTO Lycee These ROHTO Lycee eye drops are formulated for fatigued, tired eyes and treat redness. As far as I can tell this particular design released in early 2020, but it’s not the first time ROHTO has collaborated with Sailor Moon. There are lots of unique bottle designs available. Unfortunately theyContinue reading “ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops”

Luna 2 Shot Edition

Release Date: January 10, 2020Manufacturer: Banpresto/Bandai SpiritsSeries: Girls Memories; 2 ShotHeight: 25 cm (9.843″)MFC: Link This plush was very difficult to track down information for. A lot of sales post incorrectly label the series as “2nd” Shot, but it’s actually “2 Shot.” This year has actually dragged on for so long I thought maybe sheContinue reading “Luna 2 Shot Edition”

Gordy Toy Magnets

These magnets by Gordy Toy are basic, and mostly only good for display. I own them out of package as well and they’re very weak and don’t really hold any papers up well without help from other magnets. They’re fun to own for nostalgia value, and the packaging even has the phone number for signingContinue reading “Gordy Toy Magnets”

PSSM PC Engine Game

AdvertisementsPlotStory/WritingPackagingAudio and VideoMusicBootlegsConclusionExtras Title: Pretty Soldier Sailor MoonSupport: Nec PC Engine CD (TurboGrafx-CD)Format: Super CD-ROM²Publisher: BanprestoGenre: Adventure, Visual NovelRelease: 1994Status: OfficialOrigin: JapanOriginal Price: 8,800 yenPaid: $20 CADPurchased: NexWave Game Store; August 28, 2010MFC: HereFan Translation: Here Warning. This entire post is going to have spoilers for the game. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is for aContinue reading “PSSM PC Engine Game”

Pojo’s World Sailor Moon Special Edition

Published: H&S MediaRelease: 2000Status: UnofficialPaid: $6 Pojo’s World, while once a published magazine, is now a website dedicated to card games. According to their website they’ve been around since 1998, but today they focus on the popular card game series, and their old skool message forum. In 2000 they printed a Special Edition magazine dedicatedContinue reading “Pojo’s World Sailor Moon Special Edition”

Sailor Moon R ADV DVD Set

Release Year: 2003Specifications: ADV Films; 945 Minutes; Region 1. Contains uncut Japanese version with English subtitles. NO English language version.Release: Canada/USAStatus: OfficialPaid: Gift Like the Classic set, this set was released as the ultimate Sailor Moon Season 2 box set for the die hard anime fan in North America. It was released with the episodesContinue reading “Sailor Moon R ADV DVD Set”

Sailor Moon Classic ADV DVD Set

Release Year: 2003Specifications: ADV Films; 1060 Minutes; Region 1. Contains uncut Japanese version with English subtitles. NO English dub settings.Release: Canada/USAStatus: OfficialPaid: Gift This Sailor Moon DVD set was actually a gift I received when I was about 18. I remember looking at another copy longingly in a comic shop display case, but at $150Continue reading “Sailor Moon Classic ADV DVD Set”