Sailor Moon Advertising

Hey There Sports Fans!

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve spent the last 4 days working on a project for you all. I’ve been scanning my Sailor Moon advertising collection. The link will live on this page, but for now you can get to it by click on the image below.

I hope you enjoy, and please read the doc about usage 🙂


Edmonton Expo Wrap Up

The weekend before this past was the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo here in, well, Edmonton! This is my third year at the event, and definitely my most successful.

But before all of that, previous to the event I was quoted on The Pulp Press with tips for enjoying the weekend, as well as what I was most excited about for. Of course that involved Sailor Moon. Click on the Pulp Press link for the article, and what my friends and I had to say.

The weekend began for me on Thursday when I (very last minute) went to Home Depot to purchase my new Artist Alley display. This meant PVC pipe, fittings, and clamps as far as I could see. Thankfully I have a wonderful brother to cut the pipe for me, and help me deburr the pipe ends!

ECEE display

Friday morning I got up bright and early to set up my booth. Once I realized I miscalculated some minor things in my display I figured it out, set it up, and got to work on some commissions for the weekend until the event opened at 3pm.

Honestly, sales kind of sucked on Friday, so I done a bit of walking around.  This lead to finding a personal grail of mine… a Sailor Moon backpack I used in the 90’s. The bag is only worth like $5, but I paid $20, because I’ll never see it in front of me again without paying for shipping, so I jumped for it. That bag has been on my list since I got rid of it.

10615405_10152329553456691_1826716174452966145_nSaturday was the big event day. Sales went well, commissioners liked their art, I experimented with new mediums, and dished out a lot of prints! My boyfriend joined me at the table for the first time at a big show. He VERY quickly learned that weekends like this can be EXHAUSTING even if they don’t appear to be much work. The day was LOADED with friends visiting, including my BFF, who surprised me with her husband at their first big con. It was like Christmas seeing her at an event like this… so of course I dragged her to a Doctor Who booth I knew she’d drool over (I’m a wonderful influence). Later we went for dinner and I accidentally left another friend at the event XD. We had a good laugh at it after I picked her up and we went for supper though. Oh man. Did I ever feel stupid. (Though to be fair it was just a miscommunication between both of us).

On Sunday sales went decently, but the main event for me was my Sailor Moon panel!


Unfortunately this one goes without video. My friend canceled last minute because she was sick, so I didn’t have a camera to film with lol… and I’m still waiting for the official photos to be posted to the event page, because I forgot to take my own >.> *prepared*

The panel went great! It was definitely one of my larger ones to date, and everyone had lots of great questions. As per usual most of the panel was merchandise related. I DID want to cover some Crystal episode stuff, but I was worried about spoilery issues.

Sadly, this time around I didn’t get a whole lot of autographs. Just Chip Zdarsky, of Sex Criminals ( a comic). He misspelled my name and we had a good laugh about it. I missed out on Rino Romano (1st NA Tuxedo Mask) because I didn’t realize he was there! I also missed out on Bruce Timm because the picture I was working on for him to autograph wasn’t finished. He also had to leave the event early, and therefore didn’t show on Sunday =(.

Over all though, the year was a success! Everyone had fun, money was made, friends were visited. Check out my cosplay photos below! I’ll make a new post with pictures if ECEE ever posts their official shots.

Animethon 21

A weekend ago was Animethon 21! The convention that started it all for me turned legal everywhere, and boy did they kick butt.

Events kicked off with the Vendors Hall and Artist Alley opening up on Friday instead of their usual Saturday/Sunday only. The Artist Alley was moved into a spacious cafeteria section of the Robinson Health Centre across the street from the main building. Thankfully they also moved the registration into this building, so no one really had issues finding us.


My artwork is on the right, and my table buddy, James, is on the left. We split the space for the weekend to save on costs, and so we could always keep the table running. It was a SUPER successful event… though I think I need to sleep for the next decade hahaha.

On Friday Animethon held their first Moonlight Masquerade Ball. I went as Princess Mercury… but I’m not showing off pictures because I honestly hate every picture I’m in. I did NOT photograph well this weekend XD. The ball went over beautifully. Everyone was well dressed, the masks were beautiful, the music was perfect, and it was really everything I hoped it would be.

Saturday was artist alley and panel day. Honestly, I’ve never been so fricken busy lol.  The panel went wonderfully, and everyone seemed to have fun. I got stuck doing it in my cosplay, but oh well XD. There will be video of the panel when my friend can get the files back to me.

Sunday was the last day. I mostly stayed in the Alley, but it was also my last chance to get autographs from Cristina Vee and Cherami Leigh (the new Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus!). Sadly Cherami had to leave and catch her flight just before I got to her table, so I got Cristina to sign my advertisement binder (a GE Animation binder that I use for my fliers).

Here’s my haul! (click on the images to see them full sized).

April 2014 Loot


I’ve been a lazy butt.

So here’s the list of what I picked up in April. May to follow soon XD. Don’t forget to click the + at the bottom and email subscribe!

Sailor Moon chopsticks
Hong Kong MTR pass and keychain set
P-Bandai HGIF Sailor Moon Figure set
Luna and Artemis mug set
Sailor Moon tiered bento
S.H.Figuarts Sailor Venus Figure
Suiseiseki Banpresto Prize Figure
Hot Topic Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury tee
Hot Topic Sailor Moon Group Black Tank (not pictured… I was wearing it XD)
FiguartsZERO Sailor Moon Figure
Last Unicorn Blu-ray autograph (Met the author at a Q&A Movie Showing)
Last Unicorn Canadian Tour Poster (not pictured)
Hearts for Sale Original Comic
Lumberjanes issue #1
Fionna and Cake Trade Paper Back
Saga TPB #1
Sailor Moon Bento Cup
Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask gashapon
Sailor Moon Die Cast gashapon (since completed)


March Loot Post

10168137_10151972220401691_960348356_nlmao. Uhm ;_;

I had an event that I both bought and sold at, a hot topic order, AmiAmi order, 2 Plamoya orders, HLJ order, Jlist order (sshh), CDJapan order, BigPfeiffer, Ebay, Disney…

Seriously, I think I got items from every shop I order at last month.

There’s a lot, so I won’t do my usual commentary. You might have already seen this on Tumblr. Feel free to comment, or send me asks if you have questions about an item.

Other M Zero Suit Samus
Irwin Pretty Face Sailor Pluto (set complete! YAY)
SRDX Hina Ichigo (Rozen Maiden)
Display Stand
Sekiguchi Miku plush
Disney LE 17” Coronation Elsa
Disney LE 17” Winter Anna
Nobell Gundam
Saint Seiya Display Stage
3x various Doujinshi art books
Sailor Moon Sun-Star Stationary schedule book
Sailor Moon kanzenban 2014 Edition
Outer Senshi + Chibi Moon plush
2014 Compact gashapon display board + gashapon set
1990’s Chibi figure gashapon display board
3 piece Sailor Moon Bento set
Sailor Moon cutlery set
Sailor Saturn “flag” (I think it’s actually a wallscroll that never got its display poles)
Set 1 Sailor Moon gashapon
Set 2 Sailor Moon gashapon
Sailor Moon GE Animation Star Locket necklace
Sailor Moon smart phone tote bags
Versailles no Bara eyeliner and mascara set
Sailor Moon La Reconquista glow stick
Sailor Moon manga insert advertisements featuring Proplica
Princess Jellyfish (loved it)
Sherlock (it’s buried lmao)
Frozen (obsessed)
LIttle Mermaid compact mirror (above Frozen)
Tuxedo Mask Hot Topic tank top
Fall Back – ESMA (local singer)
Tokyo MewMew A La Mode omnibus
Sailor Mercury shirt from SA Illustrations (FB) and

February 2014 Loot


Oh boy. It’s that time again! Guess that means I slacked off in February ( I only posted 1 review!!). I spent the first half of February busy, and the second half sick. Here’s hoping March isn’t that way. I’m outta vacation time =(.

February, collection wise, was not the busiest, but it wasn’t particularly slow either. I received my rather large January order from Amiami after doing battle with Paypal and their refusal to let me pay from my bank account anymore. Seriously. If it’s over $60 CAD I have to go to credit card >=( Very inconvenient for me right now.

ANYWAY! On to the Haul!

The two shirts in the photo above are not covered in this post. They are shirts I got from 24 hour sites, and I am working on a way to display them, photograph them, and make a page specifically for the shirts I own.


I picked up the Sailor Moon Tribute CD, and I have to be honest with you… I bought it for the artwork XD. I love music, but I don’t particularly listen to it often, or buy it often. I DID put it on my iTunes though, and gave it a listen earlier this week. I quite like it, and I think it’s one of the few Japanese albums I have on my iTunes that I’ll have no problem listening through when I’m driving.

Purchase the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album

IMG_2096 IMG_2308I ordered 3 boxes of these suckers and got 3 boxes exactly the same!  Luckily I spotted a comment on MFC about someone who had had the same misfortune, but with the opposite box of what I had, and we traded. This is the first set of the Sailor Moon Megahouse Petit Charaland figures. Set 2, with the Outer Senshi, are to be released this summer.

Thankfully I had none of the issues other collectors had. None of the stands on my bases broke during assembly, and most of my paint is fine. Unfortunately one of the tops of the bases for my Sailor Moon let go… but it appears there wasn’t enough glue. THAT I can fix!

Pre-order the June re-release of Set 1
Pre-order the June release of Set 2


This is a battery operated media charger, that’s specifically meant for phones. The USB plug is a micro USB, but that doesn’t limit the chargers compatibility. If you have a phone that the plug doesn’t fit simply plug the USB cord that came with your phone into the charger instead.

I own an iPhone 5C and it worked swell with my phone. GREAT idea for conventions and long trips. Since it runs on 4 AA batteries all you need to do is buy extra batteries to continue charging.


I mainly bought these to review and own as I can’t wear ear buds… and who could turn down that ADORABLE Luna on the wires?


The charm set! I LOVE these! The only downfall is that my symbol bag charm comes with 2 Mercury charms and no Mars charm. =( Thankfully none of my boxes or charms were damaged as a lot of people were reporting. They’re beautiful though, and I wish I had ordered 2 of the Crisis so I could use one.


My first Attack on Titan figure! I love this series, and this figure is really cool. You can do LOTS of things with her and the extra pieces are perfect. I DO wish they had included a happier looking face plate for her though. All of them are rather angry. It also included instructions on how to put on her 3D gear… thank god, because I never would have figured it out on my own lol. Can you imagine trying to get into that gear in real life? Kudos to cosplayers.


I picked up these Tamashii bases to use with my Sailor Moon figures, but I found some that I like more than these… Depending on whether the ones I like are compatible with the Saint Seiya display I purchased for them I’ll probably end up selling these later XD.


This was a thrift shop score! It’s an official Disney Fairies Tinker Bell bag, and it’s MASSIVE. I’d never be able to use it as a purse, so it might be a convention bag, or maybe an over night bag for me XD. Found it for $10 and RAN lmao. Please comment if you know of its worth or any ebay auctions. I’m having trouble locating any to see exactly what it is and when it was made.


I snagged a Tinker Bell Funko at a small event this month. She’s adorable. ♥

IMG_2362I went to see The Flower We Saw That Day when they played a showing here in Edmonton, and on the way in I got a free autograph board! It’s pretty, and rather heart breaking after seeing the movie lol. The movie was beautiful, but by the end I cried like a baby.


Managed to snag 5 sets of stickers from a booth at a small event. They had a pile of them that were all the same… and I ALMOST bought them all XD, but I figured 5 was a good number lol. Sailor Mercury is coloured wrong despite these being official Canadian merchandise. Sadness.

IMG_2363 IMG_2364

Snagged this for $12 from a booth that I know well at the same event I got the stickers and Tinker Bell from. They sell a lot of bootlegs, and I’ve learned to buy nothing but official merch from them to encourage them to purchase more XD. They’re good people… just *sigh*.

IMG_2361My last thrift shop find for the month. I’ve wanted the limited edition with the super nice case for a long time, but finally accepted that I’m never going to buy it. This one was only $5, so I grabbed it. Why not? lol.

That’s it for February! Feel free to comment or send me an Ask on Tumblr if there’s something you would like me to review next!

A Taste of Animethon and Januarys Haul

A Taste of Animethon was this weekend, and boy was it GREAT! I had a table in the Artist Alley that sadly didn’t do as well as I had hoped it would, but you win some you lose some. Guess it’s time to retire some prints, and create new ones!

I’m currently running a Valentines Day sale in my shop until February 14th! Get 50% off purchases until Feb 14th by typing in BEMINE1 in the coupon section of the checkout process.


Along with my table I also ran a Sailor Moon panel on Saturday night. I covered merchandise announced between my last panel in August, and now. Surprisingly that only took 40 minutes, despite the details I pointed out, questions, conversations, and my overwhelming amount of “Uhms”. When I get the footage from my friend I’ll be sure to post it here.

AToA never hurt my pocket too much though. I only picked up 1 print, 3 buttons, and a custom Digimon crest necklace (photos below). But I also received some free art and birthday presents from friends.  That was really cool.

I’m a little bias when it comes to my opinion of Animethon. It was my first convention, I’ve been attending as a patron and Artist in their Artist Alley for roughly a decade, and I even ran their Artist Alley for a year… but overall I think AToA was a great event, and I can’t wait for their main event in August. It has a wonderful community vibe to it, and everyone from the staff, to the vendors, to the artist alley are friends. Competition is rough, but everyone seems to care about everyone’s welfare in the end.


And yes. My birthday was January 16th. I turned the ripe old age of 25, and I’m a little horrified by that… but it has to happen. I celebrated with a few close friends at Boston Pizza, and then a walk through of the Harry Potter Exhibit which is currently showing in my city. My BFF and her husband bought me Hermione’s wand as a gift, and I picked up a Raven Claw pen ❤

Sorry I have no photos of the exhibit. You weren’t allowed to take any photos.

IMG_1917small IMG_1918small

The details in the pen and wand are amazing. Sadly I wanted Sirius’ wand, but they didn’t have one for sale at the event.

On to the loots!


This month has been a little overwhelming. I have orders from AmiAmi, MBTToys, Jungle, Mandarake, and HLJ. Photographed above I have:

– Mars, Venus and Jupiter completing my Plush set
-Luna Tissue box cover
-Luna plush pencil case
-Disney’s Frozen DVD/Blu-Ray Pre-order release Lithograph extras
-Rei Hino garage kit (pink box under Mars)
-Ariel LE Doll
-Pre-order slips for LE Anna and Elsa, and Frozen Blu-Ray
-Sakura figure
Sailor Moon Nail Polish Collection (review linked)-Kanaria and Souseiseki figures (Kanarias umbrella broke as I tried to place it in her hand =( …)
-Shinku Nenodoroid
-Disney’s Jasmine and Ariel Kinderegg Surprise toys
-Rozen Maiden die cast gashapon


This is stuff I picked up after the first image. I jumped the gun and forgot I had a convention and various other things planned >.>

-Tangled Flynn and Rapunzel wedding set
-Pokemon bag (birthday gift)
-Infinity Rapunzel and Vanellope figures)
-Adventure Time Fionna and Cake Pop! figures
-Vanellope Pop! figures
-Sailor Moon cards (trade)
-Custom Sailor Moon cards (birthday gift)
-New glasses!! Finally! I can see!
-Sailor Moon hair bow (birthday gift)
-Digimon crest (Chinook Crafts on Etsy)
-Crisis Locket bag charm
-A Taste of Animethon earmuff headphones
-Sailor Mercury shirt

The Infinity figures! I haven’t decided how to play this game yet. I own only a Wii, but I’ve heard the play is different on each system… so I’m considering maybe a PS3 so I can also play the new KH games. Have any of you played Infinity yet? Is it worth buying for the Wii?

I’ll be posting up a new review this week! I have LOTS of pictures of everything here… just need the time to edit and get them up.

Have a wonderful week!

Otafest 2011

Hey guys!

Otafest was this weekend. Russ and I only went for Saturday since we really didn’t plan on going at all. Last minute he decided he wanted autographs ^^0 This is my haul from the dealers. Unfortunately the three figurines are bootlegs, as are the small plastic Sailor Moon key chains. I didn’t know until I had bought them, drove home to Edmonton and looked them up on

Asuka and Rei were a total of $70
Shinku was $55
Mini Sailor Moon plush were $70
Key chains were $30 (Mercury and Mini Moon are missing from photo)
The Sailor Moon fan art was $20. There’s an Ariel poster in the bag as well that was also $20.

Does anyone know who the artist of the fanart is? I was at her table but never got her username on DA. Her art is amazing.

Overall Otafest was fun. We really only went to see Synaptic Chaos Theater. I highly suggest them. They’re fricken hilarious. If you use to see the 404’s and wondered what happened to the members SCT is the name of the new group they’ve formed.

Since those figurines are bootlegs I think I’ll make custom bases for them. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking about making a small cafe diorama for the Evangelion girls. Now I’m not so sure. I’m watching the series for the first time and I don’t think these outfits suit their personalities.

A Taste of Animethon and the mail

So I haven’t updated in ages (again), but I’ve added and edited plenty of things on the website. One day I should begin taking photos of my Disney stuff before I have waaay to much of it. Oh right, too late XD

With the Italian revival of Sailor Moon I’ve bought some items from a seller on Livejournal who has been kind enough to send them to people looking. What I’m really hoping for is to find some of these dolls at conventions. Probably not much of a chance of that though. Not with the shipping cost.

Anyways, here’s my haul from the last week.

This has been a lot of fun. Last Saturday was A Taste of Animethon. While there I picked up the Mokona plush ($15), and the key chain set ($20). Then on Monday (Valentines day!) I got the large Sailor Saturn kit in the mail. This is her fully painted, but I’ve yet to finish her base or glaive… so it’s a sneak peek for you. Picked her up from for $35. Then I got the Venus pin, El key chain, Mercury and Venus plush plus 2 key chain plush (not pictured) for $25 including shipping from Fairyland on Ebay. They had a sale I caught the end of. The Small Saturn gashapon was bought from a user on and I got her for a steal! She was only $25 (saying only for a figurine that size is painful lol). The manga was advertised as Sailor Moon #1, but it’s actually Sailor Moon S #1… and yes there is a difference for you non Moonies. Thankfully I didn’t have it and it was only $5, despite going on Ebay for $45 right now ❤ The Tangled folder in the back contains lithographs that you get from the Disney Store when you pre-order the DVD there. We also preordered the special edition doll.

I’m SO excited!!!

Along with all of this I have two Italian posters on the way and I’m waiting to be able to pay for a set of Italian dolls. Their international shipping is killing me. It costs more to ship than the actual dolls cost.

I’m going to end this with some updated collection photos for you 😉 Click for bigger shots.