Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Despite the endless situations surrounding Covid-19, I hope your Christmas or Holidays are able to be wonderful in the best way you can make them. I’ll be back in 2022 with new art, new reviews, and new over-analyzing that thing Sailor Moon fans keep talking about!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
, and a Happy New Year,

Pauline, aka MoonFigures

Art scan © Naoko Takeuchi, Created by

Etsy Shop – Art and Collectibles

Hey Moonies!

I recently opened an Etsy Shop for selling both my own art and Sailor Moon collectibles. This is in ADDITION to my Redbubble and Spoonflower. I know. It might be a little much for now, but both places can offer items I won’t be able to carry due to cost and space at the moment. Plus Redbubble can offer me licensing on some work (My Adventure Time and Last Unicorn pieces are official!).

I’ve listed my Magical Moon Toys stickers and Acrylic charms, as well as a fruity sticker I made recently. Hopefully there will be more prints listed soon. In regards to Sailor Moon I’ve listed some advertising pieces as well as a VHS, but I’ve got lots more duplicates and extras from my sales bin to list for you guys <3. I also hope to use my skills in Retrobriting and restoration to get some cleaned up pieces there for you in the future. I’ll also be releasing information soon about offering services for those who don’t want to attempt it themselves.

Click Here to Go to my Etsy!

Happy New Year!

As usual, better late than never! LOL

I haven’t posted any articles because I’ve been busy with some personal projects, as well as the holidays. For Christmas I painted all of my gifts in water colour. In 2 weeks I painted 5 full paintings. It drained me for a while, but now that I’m up and going again I’d like to show them off.

This piece was created for my dad based on a picture I took in Newfoundland 13 years ago. It was sentimental and a view near his childhood home he recognized immediately.

Not yet Available on Redbubble.

Painted using Sakura Koi watercolours and white pen ink.

This one was made for my mom of another photo I took about 13 years ago in her garden.

Buy it on Redbubble!

Painted using Sakura Koi metallic watercolours, and white ink.

This is another watercolour I did of my in-laws. They miss travelling, so I picked a shot they had posted on Facebook of the two of them.

This piece will not be available on Redbubble, but I am available for commission!

Painted using Sakura Koi watercolours, white ink, and pencil crayon.

The last piece I worked on was for my brother. It’s of Ahsoka from Star Wars. Shes a favourite in my family and seemed fitting.

Ahsoka will not be available on Redbubble.

She was painted using Sakura Koi watercolour paints, and white ink.

I hope your New Year is going well despite the state of the world, and that your holidays were great. I also turned 32 on January 16th, so I finally got my Covid birthday in. No art for that one though ❤

If you’re interested in supporting my art and this site I post it on deviantArt, Redbubble, and SpoonFlower.

Under Construction

Hey there Sports Fans,

Due to how I initially built this site in 2010 (Yay! Happy 10 years LOL) my pages, and thumbnail system no longer works with WordPresses Block system. Because of this I’ll be doing a lot of updating to change pages into posts, and updating thumbnails to those posts into a new format that layers better on top of each other in a post without taking up a lot of room. WP no longer allows me to place them side by side without using a gallery block, which in turn won’t allow me to change the links to each image.

Admittedly, before doing this, I did look for another place to host this site and thought about moving things a bit at a time, but there are not a lot of website builders that accommodate what I’m looking for, and nothing that I was willing to put effort into testing. I’M LAZY MY FRIENDS! And I have a large collection that hasn’t even been added here yet.

I won’t be taking the site offline, so this is just a heads up that I’ll be scheduling a lot of posts, and maybe posting a lot of things without providing an email notification of it if I can. Cooler things with longer reviews will definitely get email/social media notifications.

If you would still like to see email or social media updates about these posts comment on this post and let me know! I don’t mind spamming Tumblr or even Twitter, but I want to respect emails and notifications.

Thank you for your attention!


Happy Holidays


Hey there Sports Fans!

As you can see… I broke my hand on Sunday.

As much as I wanted to use my Christmas holidays for getting a review in it is a HUGE pain to type one handed.

So for now, happy holidays! I hope to  be back soon with some new stuff for you all.


Moving Day

The time has finally come! Edward and I have found a place, and we’ll be getting the keys on September 15th!

Now, you’d think considering how long ago I started posting pictures on IG under #movingwithacollection that I’d be done packing… hahahaha! Nope. So I’ll be spending the next week ruthlessly packing as much as I can, as fast as I can, and posting a bunch more to that tag. Follow me at MoonFigures to see those! Our schedules are making it hard to move out ASAP, so *sigh* yea.

After that I should be able to post that moving tutorial. Apologies for the huge wait. I had no idea it would take FOUR MONTHS to find a place and actually move out lol.

I’m not 100% on when I’ll have internet, but I’m perfectly capable of taking pictures, editing them, and writing something up that I can share in a place with internet, so I’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Otafest, Garage Sales, and Swap Meets, oh my!

I love my Fiancee. In fact, he’s probably the reason I’m collecting anime and Sailor Moon merchandise the way that I am right now. When we first met and began dating I was still a huge fan of Sailor Moon, but I wasn’t really into spending money on merchandise. Sure, a few key chains here and there at conventions, but NEVER shopping online and purposely searching for it the way I do now.

In the way of Sailor Moon merch. Otafest was a bust. We were expecting to meet up with a friend and buy his collection from him, but it turns out the rest of his collection was back in Edmonton… where the three of us are from anyways. So we’re going to meet up at some point and buy the stuff… if I can afford to even breath after the last 2 weeks.

Let me start this off by telling you that the lack of new updates hasn’t been because I’ve been busy or lazy. Oh no. You see, pre, during, and after Otafest both my fiancee and I were mildly sick with a small cold. He had it worse before, but was getting over it, I was fighting it off quite well with syrup and lots of meds. This didn’t work. Not only did I get REALLY sick when I got back to Edmonton after Otafest, but it turned into what the doctors called an Acute Sinus Infection. Trust me when I say acute is NOT the right word. My face swelled up, I was in so much pain that I began shaking violently. Finally the sinus infection seemed to go away, but the swelling in my face didn’t. A return to the doctors confirmed that it was Shingles.

AVOID SHINGLES. I’m telling you now. There is NOTHING that will take the pain away.

Anyways, here is my Otafest update as well as other events that have happened since.
Sailor Moon-wise, this was all I found. A single bootleg plushie ($20), which also happens to be the newest bootleg. I also got a Sailor Moon World poster ($3)(which is also probably a bootleg) and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Also pictured are 2 Shugo Chara art books (official?)($45 each), Red Shugo Chara Dumpty Key($10), various character Shugo Chara key chain($10), a Humpty Lock watch (front opens)($15), 2 fan buttons($3), Chobits 7 manga($8), entire first half of Magic Knight Rayearth manga($14). There is also a Rozen Maiden pencil board that isn’t pictured (actually it is, it’s just hiding in one of the art books *face palm*)

The Chobits art book isn’t new. I got it autographed by the Michelle Ruff, the english voice actress of Chii.

My fiancee also found Amu, Ran, Miki, and Suu plushies($25 each), as well as 2 Shugo Chara posters($3 each). We won xxholic season 1 autographed by a voice actor, as well as another anime by him that involves a frog lol. There’s also an official Otafest back pack autographed by the same voice actor. This is apparently all my fiancees though </3 No sharing lol. Of course, we also managed to pick up the entire Kare Kano manga series in the charity auction for $35. The autographed stuff in this paragraph was also for the charity auction.

This is some of the stuff I got from a friend of mine. We actually still aren’t done. I purchased a broach off of her as well, but both of us forgot about it when I went to pick up the stuff pictured above lol.

So 3 North American puzzles, and the Web of the Negaverse board game, which is also Canadian. This particular game tends to be rare, but sells for rather cheap. I owned it when Sailor Moon was still rather popular for my generation, but sold it in a garage sale. I got the games for $5 each, the game for $20, and the clock for either $5 or free? lol I’m not sure. I also got a LOAD of North American trading cards for $5.

Does anyone know if the clock is legit? I believe it may be bootleg, but the printing quality is pretty good. It appears to be yellowed, but the plastic cover over the puzzle actually has a yellow tint. I’m going to try and see if it needs cleaning or if it’s just yellow. It appeared to just be yellow though.

Some of the people at Anime-Alberta hosted a swap meet at the University of Alberta this past Saturday. It was rather… sad in terms of the turn out, but there were LOTS of vendors lol. Thank you to Blix @ Anime-Alberta who was amazing and brought lots of Sailor Moon things for me to drool over.

Pictured are the 5 house sets for each of the inner senshi (did they make them for the outers?). She was selling them for $20 for the entire set, but I thought all day that it was $20 each and that I couldn’t afford them. At the end of the day she gave me all 5 for $15 dollars!! That’s a total of $3 dollars each. YES I NEARLY PEED MY PANTS. I was SO happy and I can’t wait to assemble/set up everything so that I can photograph it. Most of the items are already taken apart and sticker’d, but it’ll still be fun.

I also got a Tuxedo Mask pencil board, Pluto key chain (official? $1), Prince Darien figurine ($1), Tuxedo Mask key chain (official? $1), Sailor Neptune pin ($1) and Tuxedo Mask pin ($1). She also sold me the Luna Pen for $3 and said she’ll send me a message if she finds the box! Then there’s also a card board Mercury card which she gave me for free, and 2 sticker sets that I paid $1 each for.

NOT pictured are 2 Card Captor Sakura official figurines that I got for $2 from another vendor.

And so it is once again proven that I can find Sailor Moon anywhere XD My poor, poor fiancee.