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Bootleg Wall of Shame

Bootlegs are a complicated issue for me.

Using bootleg as an umbrella term, as a collector, I’ve been tricked by them, purchased them because they’re original and cute, purchased them because I was too broke for the original, or used them for customs. I’ve also purchased them to show interest in a fandoms merch for both vendors and license holders. I’ve policed a convention floor for them, and written and performed panels explaining why they’re bad and how to avoid them. I’ve been on a lot of sides when it comes to bootlegs.

I also know that bootlegs are unregulated, illegal, and mass produce merchandise without a license. They can be linked to theft of moulds, coming from sweat shops, and containing anything from lead to human waste.

With that said, this space is for the appreciation and earned shaming of bootleg merchandise. Items I own, get tricked into, thrift, or buy on purpose will be posted here with similar honest reviews and how to tell it’s a bootleg.

Upon creation of this section there are some items I no longer own and while they will be included, they may not be as detailed as I can not update pictures and look at the item.

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