Michelle Ruff

Who: Michelle Ruff
Known to me as:
Chii in Chobits
Where we met: Otafest 2010
Autograph Fee: Free!
More: IMDB | Wiki

Yuss! Bad pictures FTW!

That out of the way, this is Michelle Ruff. She is a voice actor for several anime and video games. I’m not really sure what to say about her. The meeting was brief, and rather unpleasant, but not because of Michelle. It was just a big line up, and they wanted people out as fast as possible as it was taking forever. Oh, and there was also the “hand sanitizer” incident. They were handing out sanitizer to people in the line up. If we refused it we weren’t allowed to touch Michelle. I understand this to a point, but it was just kind of strange.

I seen Michelle actively taking part in several events over the course of the weekend. She always appeared professional, kind, and quite tolerant despite the heat and lineups.

If you have the opportunity to meet Michelle then I highly recommend it. She seems like a very kind soul. Just be warned… the line up WILL be long!

As I know Michelle best as Chii, I had her sign my copy of the Chobits art book.

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