Customs and Repairs

I have recently begun customizing and repairing merchandise!  If you have something you would like me to tackle feel free to contact me at linepaw at Hotmail dot com!


Custom Painted Funko Pops!

I’ve recently begun painting Funko Pops now that there’s a line for Sailor Moon. I can customize them with their standard faces, or I can do realistic/anime eye styles, as well as add eye lashes. Send me an email and we can discuss what you’re looking for.

NOT limited to Sailor Moon Pops. Please note, I don’t typically work with clay, but if physical alterations are required beyond paint we can work something out.

Contact for prices.

Custom Monster High/Ever After  Dolls

Willing to do face ups, repairs, and reroots to improve, or customize into other characters or original characters. Contact me for prices.


Willing to do face ups, hair restoration, and reroots on Sailor Moon, Monster High, Ever After, or anime based dolls. Other dolls to be considered. Contact for prices.

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