Pauline French

Expert in all things Moonie, Bootleg, and Thrifting

I am a nerdy Sailor-Moon-loving, bootleg-hating artist looking to share not only my collection but as much information as I have about Sailor Moon. I worked in manufacturing from 2006-2021, specifically in plastics for 7 of that from labourer to quality control, and even a bit of floor management. I prefer to use my knowledge for good and teach people how to identify bootlegs. As of September 2021, I am a freelance artist.

As an artist who loves exploring different mediums and combining them for each of my new projects, I love sharing my finished pieces and talking about how I made them. Combining different methods of art is absolutely something I love to push.

I also love conventions and would love to host a panel at your event!

Professionally Nerdy

+2010 Created SailorMoonCollection.com
+2012 Edmonton Sailor Moon Fans Began.
+2013 began hosting Sailor Moon panels across Alberta
+2015 Hosted Edmonton, Alberta International Sailor Moon Day event (2015-2016)
+2015-Present Animethon Hall Policy Team.
+2018 Artist Alley Assistant.
+2019-Present Vendor Hall Coordinator.

Panels I host:

+ Sailor Moon News
+ How to Identify bootlegs

1. How long have you been collecting Sailor Moon items?
I’ve been a collector since 2006, but a fan for as long as I can remember.

2. How many items are in your collection?
As of November 2020, I own approximately 1600 items. That might be closer to 2000 items accounting for cards and paper items.

3. Do you keep your items in the box or are you a ‘de-boxer’?
Definitely a de-boxer. I love taking pictures of my merchandise in and out of the box.

4. How do you display your collection?
Currently in bookshelves. I’ve also used detolfs, but outgrew them.

5. What was the first piece that started the whole thing?
As a kid, it was the Cutie Moon Rod. I was re-awakened as a Moonie with the 90’s DVD’s though.

6. What is your favourite/most treasured/meaningful piece in your collection?
A 3 foot tall Super Sailor Moon plush. When I found her I was having a rough day. A car dealership had given me a hard time and had spent hours trying to pressure me into a new car. I left shaking and went to a Value Village a block over to calm down and do some therapy shopping. Sailor Moon was sitting there missing the blue in one of her eyes, and with a minor seam tear on her head… and was marked at $10 instead of the hundreds she goes for online. I immediately snatched her up, drove her home (she sat seat belted into the front passenger seat), and fixed her up. She took a horrible day and made it 100% better.

7. What is your most desired collection piece that has yet to be acquired?
90’s Spiral Heart Rod.

8. What is your favourite category (dolls, cels, etc) for collecting from and why?
Figures and dolls. I love the detail, I love the ability to pose. As a photographer and artist, they’re the most fun to work with.

9. Is there any item/character that you wish had been made into a toy?
Honestly, upon updating this most of my wishes have been granted. I’ve been waiting on more car merchandise though, and I know the moment I make custom items they will get official releases.

10. Where do/did you find most of the items in/for your collection?
Most of my items come from local collectors, or shops in Japan directly.

11. What is the greatest length you have gone to for a particular item?
Honestly, most of my collecting has been reasonable and along the normal routes other collectors take. I’ve had friends order exclusives for me? But nothing excessive really.

12. What is the most expensive item in your collection?
My Sera Myu Sailor Moon gashapon figure. She was $200, and she sits in a place where I can always admire her while I’m at my computer.

13. What was the best bargain you’ve ever managed to get?
My 3ft tall Sailor Moon plush for $10.

14. How do you feel about bootlegs?
I no longer care to own bootlegs, but I do appreciate what has come out of the unlicensed merchandise side of things. Though I mostly avoid buying it because my knowledge of that side of things makes them a little scary.

15. Do you have plans to sell your collection in the future?
Definitely not. I love my collection.

16. Do any of the items in your collection have a neat story behind them?
My favourite story is the one I told about my giant Sailor Moon, but I won’t tell that one again. I do have this mass of older merchandise that I got from a friend who collected while living in Japan and then passed it on to me for SUPER cheap. Those items make me happy and feel like they helped push me along as a collector.

17. What do your friends/family think of your hobby?
I have actually developed a reputation in my province for my collection and panels. I’ve been recognized at the grocery store, and my dad even got involved in a random conversation at a store that ended up being about my bootleg panels LOL. I am respected for my knowledge and don’t usually have issues with my friend or family groups.

18. Do you collect anything else, or just Sailor Moon related items?
I have a much smaller collection of Rapunzel and Ariel items, but I prefer to stick to the Limited Edition Designer and 17″ dolls. I have accidentally thrifted a lot of Ariel dolls though.

19. What do you think the lowest quality/least desired kind of Sailor moon item is?
I would say in North America the least desired item is anything Crystal Star related. There are a lot of jewelry gashapon for kids I don’t see much desire for anymore though, and I think that shows in the value.

20. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I enjoy being friendly and helpful to the Sailor Moon community. I’ve built a lot of knowledge, and I want to share it.

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