My name is Pauline, or more often called Paulie or Paulichu. My normal online alias is Linepau1 or Mercurys-Ocean. I am an artist of several styles and mediums, but my favorite is the good ol’ pencil on paper type drawing. In my spare time (if I’m not drawing of course) I am out taking photos, going to conventions, or watching more anime and Disney than you ever want to know.

While this list is pretty immature for a 21 year old please know that I do also have a job, and attend school. It is my goal to become a freelance artist, as well as to travel to conventions and take part in their Artist Alleys on the side. Pop Culture festivals, conventions and shows are a passion for me. I love the atmosphere and the people.

This website was created so that I could share my collections, as well as keep a record of what I own. It is my hope that I’ll be able to provide the Sailor Moon community with detailed pictures of items that they would not normally find detailed photos of. Quite often online there are mention of details on official or bootleg items that are not really self explanatory enough. The pictures that I hope to provide will hopefully help you with this issue.

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