Animethon 2022!

Welcome back to the blog! I uh… am very aware that I keep making “Happy New Year” posts and then disappearing, but I promise you, it was because I had to move ASAP, start a business course, start a business, plan a convention, get a job, and then catch COVID first LOL.

That’s right, it’s been a BUSY 8 months for me, and TBH for some of it I’m not even sure how I made it out with my sanity. SOMEHOW in all of that I planned a vendor hall for Animethon and got the lucky opportunity to host Edmonton Gunpla Builders beside our booths. For the weekend they held contests, workshops, and a wonderfully awesome Gunpla display! They put the call out in one of our meetings for kits made by Bandai, and I admittedly misheard but approached them about a Sailor Moon display for the 30th Anniversary. A Bandi display wouldn’t be THAT hard, right?

Well, it is once you start accounting for all of the smaller companies they own and that it ESPECIALLY will be when half of your collection is still in boxes and you left packing for the night before you leave for the hotel.

Thankfully everything turned out beautifully! Unfortunately, I was unable to print out a write-up on it because of how busy I was and some people mistook it for an official display, but nope! This is 100% my personal collection. But I’m flattered some people might have mistaken it for a Bandai display.

Despite being Vendor Coordinator for the event there wasn’t a whole lot of Sailor Moon in the hall that I didn’t already have, so I don’t really have a haul, but I did manage to snag the Sailor Mercury Q-Posket A version (Little Star Gifts), and some PVC magnets from Monogram (Star Cast Anime).

Hopefully, I’ll get to do more next year. The crew said everyone loved my display and invited me to display with them at other events. So check back for updates on that! Also check below for a new wallpaper if you have dual monitors 😉


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