Etsy Shop – Art and Collectibles

Hey Moonies!

I recently opened an Etsy Shop for selling both my own art and Sailor Moon collectibles. This is in ADDITION to my Redbubble and Spoonflower. I know. It might be a little much for now, but both places can offer items I won’t be able to carry due to cost and space at the moment. Plus Redbubble can offer me licensing on some work (My Adventure Time and Last Unicorn pieces are official!).

I’ve listed my Magical Moon Toys stickers and Acrylic charms, as well as a fruity sticker I made recently. Hopefully there will be more prints listed soon. In regards to Sailor Moon I’ve listed some advertising pieces as well as a VHS, but I’ve got lots more duplicates and extras from my sales bin to list for you guys <3. I also hope to use my skills in Retrobriting and restoration to get some cleaned up pieces there for you in the future. I’ll also be releasing information soon about offering services for those who don’t want to attempt it themselves.

Click Here to Go to my Etsy!

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