SpoonFlower – 2 Day Free Standard Shipping

Hey Moonies!

If you’re looking to get your hands on some of my fabrics, Spoonflower is offering FREE international standard shipping for the next 2 days! Take advantage of that and save some dollars just in time to make some holiday gifts!

Click the image or link below to get to my shop ❤


2 thoughts on “SpoonFlower – 2 Day Free Standard Shipping

  1. Yikes… I worked there from Nov 2020 to Dec 2021, 8 hours a day, 5, sometimes 6 days a week shipping hundreds of orders a day and I can’t remember EVER seeing this fabric on my workspace, ever 😂 and I shipped a LOT of sailor moon and/or sex toy themed fabric… big L


    1. Yikes Big L? That’s a little harsh and rude don’t you think? Not every account holder there is working on their shop 24/7 as a full-time fabric artist. These were literally my first time making repeating designs for fabric ever. You’re welcome to comment on my blog, but try not to be a jerk about it. You don’t know my business plan and it’s none of your business anyway. If you think they’re worth commenting on why not share them with someone you think might buy them instead?


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