Sailor Moon Shopping

If you’re unsure how to get your Sailor Moon collection started, try with the links below! These are my favourite shops, or shops that are safe to purchase from.

I’d like to make this guide with zero need to acknowledge the elephant sized virus in the room, but due to Covid-19 some of these shops may not be able to ship to your location due to their access to shipping services delivering at the moment. Once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted things should be different.

This post will be living and periodically updated.

Last updated: December 1, 2020

Japan (second hand) (US & Japan; second hand)

These Sites Require a Japanese Proxy: (P-Bandai US exists, but rarely gets Sailor Moon merchandise and is only accessible to Americans) (second hand; This site is GLOBAL, and a collection tracking site with sales built in. Beware and do your homework)

North America (Canadian) (Second hand)


I don’t typically purchase from other countries unless the shops are already shipping to Canada. It keeps me in-line LOL. If you want a good guide on how to get your hands on items from countries not typically shipping to whereever you are I highly recommend Ochibawolfs guide below.

Fan Merchandise

These are some of my favourite artists to purchase Sailor Moon from! Check back for more later.

Celestial Prism
Gilles Bone

Some links contained on this site are Affiliate links in which I earn a small percentage of the sales. These links will not change the pricing of the item on the website. It’s just a small way you can help me keep my site running while still getting the items you’re looking for ❤


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