Under Construction

Hey there Sports Fans,

Due to how I initially built this site in 2010 (Yay! Happy 10 years LOL) my pages, and thumbnail system no longer works with WordPresses Block system. Because of this I’ll be doing a lot of updating to change pages into posts, and updating thumbnails to those posts into a new format that layers better on top of each other in a post without taking up a lot of room. WP no longer allows me to place them side by side without using a gallery block, which in turn won’t allow me to change the links to each image.

Admittedly, before doing this, I did look for another place to host this site and thought about moving things a bit at a time, but there are not a lot of website builders that accommodate what I’m looking for, and nothing that I was willing to put effort into testing. I’M LAZY MY FRIENDS! And I have a large collection that hasn’t even been added here yet.

I won’t be taking the site offline, so this is just a heads up that I’ll be scheduling a lot of posts, and maybe posting a lot of things without providing an email notification of it if I can. Cooler things with longer reviews will definitely get email/social media notifications.

If you would still like to see email or social media updates about these posts comment on this post and let me know! I don’t mind spamming Tumblr or even Twitter, but I want to respect emails and notifications.

Thank you for your attention!


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