Social Media Update

I’ve recently attempted broadening and shrinking my social media accounts. I use to attempt to keep my fandom separate from my personal or art related accounts, and it wasn’t really working for me (mostly because one or all got neglected).

If you followed me on Facebook, all of my pages have been merged officially through Facebook into MoonFigures Art and Nerdery. New followers are welcome of course! So far a lot of my posts are forwarded from my Instagram XD, but I want to use it to share links to stuff I find cool, and that sort of thing.

I joined Youtube! I know… It’s kinda weird. Most of what I’ve posted there are unboxings, initial reactions to things. When I get the hang of things I eventually want to post art videos, guides to bootlegs, and some similar topics that I focus on here… only in video form. This is mostly because not everyone enjoys blog reading, and not everyone enjoys video watching. So I want to hit two birds with one stone… only I don’t wanna hurt the birds. I wanna help them XD. I suck at it right now though, and I’m self conscious about making videos when people are around.

Those are the only two that matter right now. Aside from that you can find these other accounts below.

Instagram: Main Account | Sales Account
Tumblr: Main Account
DeviantART: Art | PhotographyMyFigureCollection: Paulichu

One thought on “Social Media Update

  1. I absolutely love LOVE love your custom Sailor Moon Funko. She is the most precious little thing i have ever seen. I thought i would be able to buy her so i read your post. My favorite funko’s are Hello Kitty, Boo from Monster’s Inc, Most of all Sailor Moon and her Moon Team Sailor Mar’s etc…
    I just wanted you to know that your hard work shows! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Sailor Moon reminds me of my girl in heaven r.i.p Savannah o=)
    Thank you for sharing your custom Sailor Moon : )


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