Happy Holidays and Apologies

This blog is exactly what the title reads. I’m SO sorry about how little I’ve updated this site over the last 2 years. I want to get a little personal with you, because the last couple years have been a whirl wind of things happening, and if you follow me on other social media you likely know that. If you don’t, well, it looks like I’ve vanished.

In the last 3 years I’ve removed toxic relationships and ex-relationships from my life, dived head first into self discovery, emerged with a new kind of normal for myself, and embraced it. I’ve found life partners, come out of the closet, dated, been through break ups, volunteered, moved out, been broke as hell, been sick, been happy, been depressed, broke my first bone, bought a new car, discovered several new-to-me artistic endeavors, attempted to improve my health both physically and mentally, and a majestic list of way more things than I’ll ever remember while sitting here.

Truth is, when I updated this blog the most I was in my darkest place. Every single one of my most popular posts here were written in my dark room while I sat on my bed with my drawing tablet for editing photos, and my laptop propped up on a wooden board so it wouldn’t over-heat. I was depressed, living in my parents basement with my ex fiance, who dragged me down when no one was paying attention. My friends didn’t call me, I spent all of my time online (heh, I kinda still do XD), and writing my blog posts kept me sane.

So the fact that I DON’T write here as often shows me that I have more to live for. That I’ve found happiness of some sort, even if the cable bill is intimidating once in awhile and I’m still trying to figure out how to see a psychologist to work out my past.

For myself, Christmas is still 2 weeks away. This year will be quiet due to some life problems… but that won’t make it bad. We still have plenty. We can still eat. Still see friends. I’m greatly looking forward to it. I even have 10 days off!  So Merry Christmas from myself if you celebrate, and Happy Holidays if you celebrate something else, or nothing at all. I hope someone gifts you exactly what you were hoping for over the holidays, and that you enjoy the pretty lights, snow (or lack of), and your family.

May the holidays treat you right.

I’m hoping that, over my 10 days off, I’ll be able to queue up some posts about holiday items, a WIP, and a blog about getting started in garage kit painting.

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