Sailor Moon Petit Deluxe


Japanese release date: September 29, 2015
International release date:


The Petit Deluxe series seems to be a new series to replace Bandai’s Chibi-Arts. Following a similar, but larger design to their Petit Chara Land and Petit Chara figures, it’s still allows for interchangeable alternate pieces, and face plates! Sailor Moon, the first (and currently ONLY) piece in the series also includes a base that doubles as storage.


IMG_0082I imagine this is how most of the boxes from this line will look. Open window in the front, character, name, info, and special details on the box as typical. The design is actually PERFECT for Sailor Moon. The lace is reminiscent of Naoko’s earlier manga art where she included lace and doily patterns EVERYWHERE she could. I am a little disappointed in the vectored bow. It’s missing a lot of the iconic shape of the Sailor Moon bow despite it being featured elsewhere properly on the box.

The window of the box nicely features the figure, and her accessories without creating a messy display showing all of the extra parts. While it’s visually appealing it IS a little empty, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of options.

IMG_0084The side window allows a neat look at the profile view of Sailor Moon.

IMG_0088Back of the box gives a good, cleanly organized look at what you can expect from the parts, including the stand/storage box.


I did have one minor issue with my box aside from some slight corner damage. The plastic window wasn’t actually glued to the bottom left side of the box. There’s no residue, or sign that it had ever been sealed in at all. Fortunately I know how to fix it, but it was a bit disappointing.

Parts, and Fit


Sailor Moon comes with 19 pieces:

2 Face Plates
1 Neck Joint
1 Body (including legs)
7 Arm Pieces
1 Back head Piece
1 Fringe (Bangs)
2 Pig Tails
1 Luna
1 Cutie Moon Rod
1 Base
1 Base Arm Attachment


So far the fit of everything feels nice and tight. I’m not concerned about anything falling off… except for maybe her bangs. They’re a little loose, but the only issues I had with her during the photo shoot was when I was reassembling everything after the picture above.

Nendoroid Compatibility

Some people have questioned whether her face plates are compatible with Nendoroids. I’m going to leave it at “It depends”. I’ve seen people try certain face plates that worked just fine, but I’ve also seen people say theirs didn’t fit. What SHOULD work is attaching an entire head from the neck joint onto the alternate body.

Sculpting and Posing

Sailor Moon’s sculpt definitely follows the Petit Chara and Petit Chara Land line of figures.

groupIt’s kind of funny, because these figures are in order of release, and you can see a clear improvement between the Petit Chara and Petit Chara Land figures, but the Deluxe figure looks like a strange mix between the two. She’s definitely the most rigid of the three, but I think it’s  partly because without her posed arms she reminds me of this:

117503…which isn’t so good given that this Miku is based on a mascot costume. The figure isn’t all that likable due to the proportions, and the lack of neck. The collector community often complains about the figures based on those costumes.


In action Sailor Moon is not that unpleasant though. She’s VERY cute and very fun to play with with her multiple arms for different poses. Her skirt could use some life, but gives us the ability to move her legs. Though they aren’t interchangeable they DO have joints at her hips.



The back is nicely sculpted, though probably not going to be viewed often due to the nature of her stand. There are some small seam lines on her arms, but they’re not visible during display.



The paint is actually really well done. I had concerns after so many issues with the S.H.Figuarts figures, but the only anomalies are ones I completely expected due to the size of the details.

The messy details are her boot tops, and tiara charm (below). Her hair, clothing, and the moons on her boots are really nicely done. I LOVE how clean her brooch is despite its size, and the amount of detail both sculpted and painted.


I expected a clean print in Sailor Moons eyes, which as kind of made me feel uneasy about them, but aesthetically I LOVE them. They’re so cute and detailed, and the pixelated/stipple look compliments her chibi proportions.



Her base is actually quite awesome. Most bases for articulated/interchangeable figures are just flat, made to take up as little space as possible, or balance the figure as well as possible. Sailor Moon’s base acts not only as a pretty stand for balance, but also as a riser, and a storage box! The height lifts it off of the surface of wherever it is displayed so that things can be displayed in front of it, but that height also provides a nice container for all of Sailor Moons extra pieces. Don’t worry. If that looks too messy for you the base will operate just fine without the extra weight of the parts inside of it to weigh it down.



Just a reference picture for the assembly of the base, because I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why the peg for Sailor Moons back didn’t fit… lol. This end goes into the BASE! Not Sailor Moon.


The part of the base that Sailor Moon sits on is actually the Silver Crystal, and the inside of the Crystal Star Locket. It’s a nice touch, given that Sailor Moon is wearing the Crystal Star Brooch instead of her first season Classic Transformation Brooch.

Identify Bootlegs

As of November 3, 2015 there are no bootlegs for this series. If you believe that you’ve found a bootleg please comment below with a link to the listing, or photos of your figure and I’ll update this post!


I’m really looking forward to the potential continuation of this series and acquiring Sailor Mercury. At $45 CAD it was a little steep in comparison to the Nendoroid line in quality and accessories vs cost, but the odd Nendo also comes with a lack of accessories for a high price tag, so I’m hoping who ever is next in the series does a little better.

While at a super close inspection her paint IS a little suspect she’s the first in a new line of figures, and given the paint quality of Bandai’s other figure lines it really doesn’t surprise me that most of the small details fall a little short.

In the end I think she’s definitely a must for casual and hard core collectors, but I recommend grabbing her at the best price you see her at. I feel like she’ll drop in price as the S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon line has on the secondary market.


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